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New Trend of Mobile Phone Charging Station Digital Signage


Mobile phones are closely related to our lives. Now, whether we are sitting, eating or walking, as long as we have time, we are all spending time on mobile phones. Then, there is an embarrassing problem. The mobile phone can play infinitely, the battery, the battery power. It will always be worn out, and we can't keep the phone charged all the time, especially when waiting for the rail or plane, we will always spend time with the phone, and the car is a long time. What if the phone is out of power? What should I do when I want to contact?

For many tourists who take long-distance high-speed trains and planes, in the process of waiting for a car and taking a car, once the mobile phone has no electricity, it will be bored and a lot of things will be lost during the journey. For this reason, the high-speed rail emergency passengers are anxious and want passengers.

As needed, while improving service levels, we will continue to improve hardware equipment and provide new development ideas for better revenue generation. ADHaiwell Advertising launched a product-mobile charging advertising machine that can meet different levels of demand. The electronic screen can display various information, and the mobile phone charging station can solve the problem that the mobile phone has no power.

In the high-speed rail or airport, you can use a 42-inch mobile phone to charge the LCD advertising machine to facilitate customer charging. Then, when waiting in the public place, it is placed in the machine to charge and is not safe? AdHaiwell Advertising has developed a new mobile phone locker charging advertising machine, which can not only simultaneously screen ads, public charging, but also can be placed in the locker for charging and security upgrade.

Commercial Cell phone charging station kiosk rental is an innovative product that integrates digital locker, phone charger and advertising display as "three-in-one" so that people can have their cell phone charged and locked for anti-theft, they can either stay there watching advertising video or walk away to buy a Newspaper, coffee or hamburger.

YEROO-New Trend of Mobile Phone Charging Station Digital Signage

This Mobile Phone Charging Machine in public With remote control also can be used as a display LCD, it mainly targeted for self-service cell phone charge in unsupervised or semi-supervised positions. such as tourism, healthcare, hospitals, restaurants, financial services, shopping malls, universities, airports, gas stations, railway stations and other public areas.

1. 9 doors with locker have Standard charging 3 in one cable. Charge nearly all cell phone in the market including iPhone series, android phone, and other micro USB devices.

2. Charging for 15 minutes can charge about 30% of the power (specific charging efficiency due to the phone model, battery quality and power consumption and a certain difference);

3. On the Digital LCD screen of the mobile charging advertising machine, you can play various information such as various information, clock, weather forecast and train time of high-speed rail or airport.

4. Customized Locks. We have four kinds of lock for your choice such as key locks, combination locks, pin padlocks and swiping card locks (optional). They also provide a safe environment for cell phone charging.

5. Remote Control

Change advertisement content as your wishes. Support switch to different signal (e.g.: HDMI, VGA, AV); Check, programs quickly: Help your advertisement switch smoother, display more advertisement at the same time.

Applications of  Phone Charging Station | Digital Media Solution:

This 42-inch LCD Screen Network Digital Signage with safe Lockers and Remote-Control System Mobile Charging Kiosk is mainly targeted for self-service cell phone charge in unsupervised or semi-supervised positions.

• Airport, Train Station, Bus Station

• Shopping Mall, Chain Store

• Hotel Lobby, Restaurant, Coffee, Bar

• Healthcare Center, Hospital, Bank, Business Building, Financial Service Office

• Gym, Museum, Concert, Theater, University, Library, Tourism and many other public areas.

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