new york; the cupidity lobby

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More than two years have passed since federal and city officials began investigating the chaos at bus shelters, and we are still waiting for results.
At the same time, the shadow of potential scandals hangs over the upcoming city-wide elections --
Especially Harrison J.
Golding, the third city auditor general.
United States attorney\'s regional office (
With F. B. I. )
And the city\'s investigation
I have enough time to finish their work.
Until the campaign gets dirtier than it is now, they should now file a lawsuit with the public, or say there is insufficient evidence.
In this case, judicial delay in public confidence in the government is almost as weak as the obvious impact --
It initially led to the selling and political bias of the investigation.
The tangled bus is hard to summarize-
Shelter web did not write a book, but at the heart of it, in 1973, a French entrepreneur, William bouchala, developed a good idea for a simple glass and steel Shelter for bus passengers, won a city contract for his company Bustop Shelters and started building the buildings.
His early success and money potential
One panel for each shelter for paid display ads
By entering every corner of the town hall, the blood instinct of local miners and movers has been inspired.
The Sharks moved in. Mr.
Bouchara, perhaps not completely innocent, started dealing with these riders. and got taken.
He lost the contract to a competitor, convenient and safe
Sol Steinberg and Henry Silverman
I tried to acquire Bouchara and then take over the company but did not succeed. Mr.
Bouchara called for a political resolution, the town hall began responding to allegations of unethical conduct, and Mayor Koch responded by suspending the contract for convenience and security and ordering his commissioner of inquiry, Stanley Lupkin
The role of a power broker is huge.
Space does not allow the entire honor roster to be listed, but an example can inspire the general behavior of the team.
A law firm with political influence
Rosenman, Colin, Freund, Lewis and Cohen
Hired by some new investors at Bouchara Bustop, including a subsidiary of Citibank.
Meanwhile, former State Senator Jack Brownston, a partner of the company, allegedly represented Mr Bouchara\'s rival.
Steinberg\'s convenience company
When the law firm learned
The activities in Brownston included a letter to the Auditor General of Godin urging the non-approval of Brewster\'s contract, but was embarrassed by the incident
A conflict of interest and a proposal was made to appease Bustop. Offer to Mr.
Bouchara and Bustop received a loan guarantee of $50,000
The condition is quiet.
The arrangement of the money is confidential.
A spokesman for Rosenman said yesterday that the disciplinary department of the state Supreme Court appeals court had launched an investigation into the loan issue and sent a letter to the company a year ago, said it found \"no basis for any action\" and concluded the investigation. Mr.
Meanwhile, brownstone was convicted in Federal mail.
He acted and appealed fraud charges.
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The role of the Auditor General of Godin is also Byzantine.
Lunch with Mr.
Mr. Steinberg, May 1978
Steinberg\'s convenience company is seeking a contract for a bus shelter.
Golding asked businessmen to donate $25,000 to his national auditor general campaign that year, and he was defeated in the campaign.
This may violate the moral provisions of the city charter and therefore may result in the confiscation of the office.
For a long time
Mr. Golding denied he had sought funding for the campaign.
He finally admitted it, but insisted he didn\'t know it at lunch.
Steinberg is looking for a franchise for the shelter. Mr.
With its audit capacity, Golding\'s office first prepared a report in favor of Bustop, then put it on hold and produced a report that was more convenient.
From some point of view, the conspiracy of a lucrative bus shelter contract seems to be no different from the conspiracy that is regularly accompanied by other city Awards --
Tax cuts, real estate assessments, construction contracts, construction sites, franchises and permits.
The difference in this case is that someone has made it public and started to reveal secrets.
It is this that makes the bus shelter event special, as it has become one of the rare occasions that voters catch a glimpse (
Never a full look)
In the Hall of greed
A collection of public officials, influential lawyers, large campaign contributors, builders, bankers and public relations personnel who have or claim privileged status at the Town Hall.
Even if there are no further criminal charges under federal and urban investigations, the smell of influence --
At the town hall, the peddler will stick.
There are good reasons.
But solving these problems quickly is an important first step in clearing air.
A version of this op
Ed was printed on page A00019 of the National edition on June 16, 1981 with the title: New York;
The Hall of greed.
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