new zealand girl changes bizarre name

by:YEROO     2019-10-10
A New Zealand judge has ordered a change of name to an embarrassing nine. year-
An old girl named talula Does Hula From Hawaii.
The girl was so embarrassed that she didn\'t give her parents her name to friends and they just knew she was K.
Family Court judge Rob Murfitt said in a judgment issued today that as children grow, eccentric names have committed social barriers.
When he spoke about the girl, he said that she was afraid of being laughed at and teased because she had greater insight than both her parents.
The judge found that New Zealand\'s parents had given their children some other unusual names, including the bus No. 16 shelter and Midnight Chardonnay, both of which may be associated with the child\'s
A child is named violent and two pairs of twins are called Benson, hedge, fish and chips.
The children of the other family are all named after six children.
Ford Motor.
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