nine more bus shelters to be revamped at a cost of rs 66.5 lakh | trichy news - times of india

by:YEROO     2019-09-12
Trish: The City company has been transforming the city\'s bus shelters by adding steel chairs and emergency lights.
Nine other urban areas were chosen to be renovated at a price of Rs 66.
50 lakh under the Local Development Fund.
Trish West\'s chief whip R Manoharan recently opened the first bus shelter in the Gandhi market near the Cape of Sophies.
There are many facilities in the hotel, including steel chairs and solar lights.
The nine bus shelters of choice will be remodeled at Ward Sophies point 12, Raja Theatre, madulai Road, Ward 14 Krishnapuram, 18 Gandhi Market is adjacent to Mariamman Temple, No. 21 Main Road, Thanjavur, 19 Palakkarai Prabha Theatre Road, Ward viramadi Road police station, warehouse 23 Main Road, Maripalakkrai.
In order to facilitate commuting, bus shelters will become more attractive and fashionable, the company officials said.
Lamps will be provided for a sufficient number of chairs to ensure night safety.
The lights will be powered by solar energy, he said.
The city already has air.
There are conditional bus shelters in three places.
It has rescued several passengers during peak hours.
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