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by:YEROO     2019-09-13
Hyderabad: with Mercury Rising, the plight of commuters in cities who rely on bus services has also increased.
Several bus shelters are in shabby condition, and at some stations, commuters do not have a roof, while at some stations there are no seats.
Nalan Nagar Hitex Junction near Langer House, Saroornagar Osmania Medical School is a place where people are seen braving the heat.
Commuters at these shelters said temporary arrangements should be made soon.
\"A temporary shed should be built.
The current situation has made our commuting experience bad, \"said Mallikarjun Raghavendra of Naran Nagar.
Some shelters, such as LB Nagar on Sagar Ring Road, are in bad shape and the chair is broken.
People are also complaining about space tightening.
Sankeerth Vanaparti, an engineering student, said that given that the sidewalk authorities should give priority to renovations.
\"In addition to students, private employees, including the elderly, the passenger flow at this bus stop is high.
\"I ask the authorities concerned to renovate the bus shelter immediately,\" he said . \".
According to GHMC officials, the new bus shelters are under construction and the existing ones are being repaired.
\"According to the instructions of minister KT Rama Rao, civic institutions will modernize 826 bus shelters.
Several areas including Khairtabad and Hi-have already started work
A senior GHMC official said.
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