no shelter in sight at vanuvampet bus stop

by:YEROO     2019-09-24
Due to the lack of bus shelters in the facility, commuters are sweating at Vanuvampet bus station.
The bus stop on the main road of Medavakkam is the only facility for residents of nanganal, tellegang, Gaal, Ghana and its surrounding areas.
Route numbers M14, 14 M, 51 M, M51 and 18D stop at this bus stop, which is located on the road section traveling in the direction of St. Thomas Mount.
Due to the lack of shelter, commuters have to stand in the driveway and put themselves in danger.
Old and different people
Disabled passengers have a hard time waiting in the sun.
Without the usual display board, it can be challenging to get information about bus services for the first time --visitor.
\"Sometimes, I have to wait an hour to get on the bus and I have to take refuge in a nearby store without the scorching sun,\" said a commuter . \".
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