no singing allowed on the bus?

by:YEROO     2019-10-27
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 8/7/2014 (1815 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
What kind of society will be fined when citizens sing in public?
This issue is relevant in the upcoming discussion of the city council on safe city bus rides.
The Municipal Council Public Works Committee believes that a ban on singing is one of the necessary conditions for keeping the bus \"civilized.
The proposed bylaw includes reasonable restrictions: leaving firearms and explosives at home;
Drinking or drinking is not OK.
Keep your artistic enthusiasm as the fountain bus or bus shelter is verboten.
Use the toilet before boarding-
The bus is not your toilet.
Fines for all crimes can be up to $100, but criminals can be banned from taking buses or sitting in bus shelters.
The real intention of the bylaw is here.
Dave valdrop, director of the transportation bureau, said the rules on conduct were directed at long-time offenders, hoping to make it safer for drivers and commuters to take buses.
If the proposed charter is passed, no shoe Joe (or Jane)
If he or she stays for more than 90 minutes, he or she will be kicked out of the shelter.
For those homeless who wander the streets of the city, don\'t be crowded in the storm, and don\'t avoid the biting winds, because the police trainees who want to use the Winnipeg Transit will let you move forward.
The student will have the right to ask for identification to know your date of birth and address for execution.
They can arrest the criminals and give the real transportation department the right to take the rider away from the bus permanently.
Anyone guesses how a bus passenger suddenly becomes a threat.
Interference in public and wandering has been well covered in the laws and rules of illegal intrusion, but this rule will be beyond what most people think is a real risk.
The charter deviates from the Victorian era, with the aim of regulating what people can wear while riding, although it does not define \"suitable\" clothing.
Who used to be threatened by a man who decided to go into red shir or shorts in his teens?
Or the homeless feet?
The need to protect bus drivers from violence is imminent.
The city council may consult with the Winnipeg Police Department on the use of police resources
The student seems to be a reasonable choice.
Be prepared when a driver or passenger is threatened.
But it seems ruthless and unnecessary to kick a \"tramp\" off a bus or shelter just because they stay too long.
When fines are considered a more reasonable way of scheduling \"problems\", it shows that social services are not up to the task in this city.
The intention to ban singing and to ensure that people get proper rest is no longer about etiquette, but about protecting people.
Worst of all, it tries to keep people who are easily offended from being disturbed.
More likely, this bylaw provides
A real and specific problem needs surgical solutions when it comes to a dexterity.
The bus driver must have adequate protection when calling.
The Winnipeg transit should be able to drive criminals away permanently.
But for those who threaten others on the bus, there are regulations and laws to deal.
Urban Police resources should be properly utilized to provide safe transportation services for all.
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