nova scotia killers sentenced to life for setting homeless man on fire

by:YEROO     2019-10-02
Two Nova Scotia men were sentenced on Tuesday to life imprisonment for dousing a mental homeless with $10 worth of gas and burning him in Berwick, New York. S. , bus shelter.
Daniel Wayne sullett, 26, and Kyle David James Frederick, 25, were charged with first place.
Degree of murder, but admitted that the second charge was minor. degree murder.
Both men were sentenced to life imprisonment on Tuesday.
Surette will not be eligible for 20 years of parole, while Frederick will have to serve 18 years before applying for parole.
According to the Chronicle, Judge Gregory Warner, in accepting the official and defense joint sentencing proposal, said that the murder of Harley Lawrence was an \"irresponsible and veterinary incident \".
Frederick said nothing for himself, but Suret said, \"I know what we did --
Forgive my languagef—ed up.
Hopefully people will find some peace and end and move on.
Officials and witnesses confirmed the two suspected Lawrence as an undercover police officer.
Surette\'s mother, Becky, testified that her son often sells drugs to buy party supplies.
Lawrence\'s autopsy report shows that he was burned alive and his body was burned four times.
His burnt bones are visible in some places.
His family read the victim\'s testimony in court on Tuesday.
Impact Report. His sister-in-
Legal Paula Lawrence says she hasn\'t been able to sleep since the murder.
His sister Ruth asked, \"How can a person do this to a person who just wants to be alone?
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