now, a bus shelter in aminjikarai goes missing

by:YEROO     2019-09-24
The timing of these moves is just too bad.
Even if the weather in Chennai is very hot, the bus shelter is \"disappearing \".
Just a week ago, city officials in District 10 demolished a bus shelter near the Vadapalani market.
This is an unauthorized bus shelter, but commuters point out that the company should make another arrangement.
The national highway department has now done so.
An authorized bus shelter near the Aminjikarai junction on Poonamallee High (PH)
The road to one side of the driveway to Anna Nagar was removed overnight.
Moreover, no alternative arrangements have been made.
High (PH)
The highway is maintained by the State Highway Department.
\"Officials who ordered the removal of bus shelters may not be aware of the pain of waiting for buses in the open air in the summer,\" S.
Vijayalakshmi, a commuter from Aminjikarai.
Unlike the Vadapalani bus station where shelters were demolished a week ago, there are no trees near the bus station near Aminjikarai junction for commuters to avoid.
Tile sidewalk along PH.
The road near the intersection is very narrow, and many places are broken.
One kilometer from the nearest bus stop.
State highway officials say the bus shelters installed at bus stations are unauthorized facilities set up by individuals.
According to the regulations, bus shelters in cities should be installed only by the corresponding civic groups, MTC or national highways, whichever applies.
\"Measures will soon be taken to establish a modern bus shelter at the bus stop,\" said a state highway official . \".
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