nuns get the advertising habit

by:YEROO     2019-08-17
The decline in recruitment has forced American nuns to launch unprecedented advertising campaigns in an attempt to prevent some orders from becoming extinct.
Nuns are using the latest marketing techniques
Including focus groups, computer graphics and catchy slogans
In television, Internet and poster campaigns, young women are expected to be persuaded to accept the life of the monastery.
A poster sent to the university campus shows
The mobile phone in God\'s hand witnessed the process of creating Adam by Michele Angelo Giro.
\"Do you have a phone waiting? \" it asks.
The bus shelter in Manhattan posted a poster saying, \"looking for a better life or a better life ? \"?
\"The Church hopes that, with the support of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, a campaign launched by individual orders and costing up to $ aound000 will reverse decades of decline.
While the number of nuns has dropped from 180,000 in 1965 to 78,000 today, their average age has increased from 63 to 69 in the past 15 years.
\"God is responsible for this call --
\"It\'s my responsibility to let everyone see,\" said Colin Sanders, the sister of the four --month campaign.
She hopes this will help prevent the drop in order quantity from 2500 to 1000.
In Indiana, the bennidik sisters posted a slogan: \"You don\'t need to be perfect to be a nun.
God knows we are not.
The charity Sisters branch in New York, New Jersey and Brooklyn has produced \"call waiting\" ads for women aged 21 to 35.
\"We need to be connected with the world and humor,\" said Sister Patricia Wolfe . \". -
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