o\'reilly: shame, not contraception, will prevent unwanted teen pregnancy!

by:YEROO     2019-10-04
Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Bill O\'Reilly does not seem to believe that comprehensive sex education and affordable contraceptive methods can help reduce the rate of unplanned teenage pregnancy. (
Access to reproductive health also makes people happy and the economy more stable, but I\'m off the question. )
When quarreling with James Carwell on The O\'Reilly Factor on Thursday night, O\'Reilly said that providing additional funds for service providers like family planning to prevent accidental pregnancy(Damn fact! )
Instead, he wanted a \"mass public movement \". . .
Go in and tell the girl and the young lady, \"Don\'t do this, it puts you in poverty, it\'s devastating for your child, and it doesn\'t get pregnant until you have a stable situation.
What\'s interesting is ---
The activity already exists. And it\'s awful.
During the parade, the New York human resources authority launched exactcampaigno\' reilly, who looked very eager and showed pictures and warning messages of crying babies, \"To be honest, mom . . . . . . He
What happened to me \"and\" I\'m twice as likely to graduate from high school as when you were a teenager.
In addition to the advertisements for subway and bus shelters, the campaign used a text message \"game\" that threatened social isolation and minor insults to humiliate teenagers who had active sex. “OMG!
My boyfriend Louis and I are pregnant.
He was going to take me to the ball. now I will look big in a dress.
A message wrote that I should text \"yes\" or \"no \".
In any case, it is recommended that your SMS partner go to the dance, which is the response you received: \"My BFF called me\" fat woman \"at the dance \".
I broke down.
\"This is what the SMS exchange did not tell you: where to access low-
Cost of contraception.
Or, if you are already pregnant, where can support be found.
Unfortunately, but not much information. -
What did O\'Reilly order?
Interestingly, one of the most successful policies in New York City to help reduce accidental pregnancy, much less publicity than those ads get, but has had a wider impact, as Sharon noted earlier
According to Health Commissioner Tom Farley, a program that provides contraception at school has led to a 27% drop in unwanted pregnancy rates among teenagers over the past decade.
\"Two things happened here. -
\"Teenagers are using more birth control pills and they are also delaying sex,\" he told New York Daily News . \".
The success of the program \"shows that when you provide condoms and contraceptive measures to adolescents, they do not increase the likelihood of sexual activity.
But the information they get is that sex is risky, \"he added.
However, more education is still necessary.
Even where there are progressive sexual health programs, there are still too many teenagers who do not know that they have the option and access to health care, because Estelle Raboni, director of the change of odds, is an-
The New York Daily News also reported on the teen pregnancy program at the Bronx Morris Heights health center.
\"Teenagers don\'t always know their rights.
\"They don\'t know they can get these services,\" she said . \".
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