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By Pamela LICALZI o\'connelljan.
29,4 virtual cemetery visit show do you define fame?
Is it a review system to remove the nasty notes left on the virtual grave?
Should dead pets be commemorated in the same database?
Jim Tipton started with a simple idea in 1995: Categories for famous cemeteries.
Since then, his website, findagrave.
Com, which has become a major family tree resource, lists the 5 million tombs that are famous and obscure.
Volunteers add funeral records at a rate of 4,000 per day.
But with the development of the website, Sir
Tipton is facing some tough problems.
\"It\'s tricky to decide who is famous,\" he said . \"
\"How did you tell a man whose father was a war hero that they didn\'t succeed? \'\' Mr.
Tipton tries to distinguish between importance and fame.
He is highly selective.
Only about 5,000 tombs on site are classified as famous)
A rating system is also being considered to allow visitors to the site to decide on the matter.
Tomb of non
However, the famous is the emotional core of the website. Mr.
The goal of Tipton is to simulate the actual cemetery visit so that users can leave notes and \"virtual flowers\" on the grave record \"(
Thousands of such flowers are put every day). Mr.
Tipton had to set up a review system to prevent what he called \"virtual\"
However, Flower abuse, or a negative comment on the deceased, he is not allowed to leave notes like Hitler in some graves.
In addition to its research advantages, the site seems to fill in an important commemorative feature.
Volunteer James Sederman added nearly 40,000 names and 7,000 serious photos to the site, and recently an Australian woman asked her to take a picture and post it for her grandfather\'s grave in Los Angeles.
\"She wondered if she would arrive at L. A.
\"Visit, but now she sees the cemetery and the grave,\" he said . \"mail.
In May 2002, Michelle Harlan created a song, \"innocent obsession\": she had to identify a song she heard in a Mitsubishi TV commercial.
After searching online, she finally found the answer.
For the record, the song was created by the French electronic music trio télé popmusik.
She recorded her search on her Web log quidnunc.
Other people are encouraged to contact similar tasks.
The posts were staged on her website and turned into a discussion forum called \"heard on TV\" and then evolved into a separate site, adtunes.
Com, last spring
\"I think most people have had the experience of getting stuck with a song heard on TV,\" says Jon C . \"Allen, a co-
The founder of the website, like Ms.
Harlan is a graphic designer in Los Angeles. Adtunes.
Com features a forum dedicated to the music used in TV shows, movies and video games, but the most active discussion is about commercial advertising.
Advertising is a major way for people to discover new music.
\"It is very likely that you will hear new music in the commercial advertisement before the FM broadcast,\" Mr. Allen said. Ms.
Harlan said that while it is difficult for some companies to track music used in advertisements, others have played the role of musical misers.
\"Volkswagen is working on music in advertising throughout the region of its website,\" she said . \".
\"They may be tired of e-commerce.
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\"Are we internet users in different countries, do they treat the online world differently, or do they have more in common with each otheruser next door?
In the first study of the International Comparison of Internet use, it is found that there is an amazing common ground between a country and a country.
Abnormal scratching
World Internet Project (www.
World Internet Projectnet)
The University of California, Los Angeles, surveyed people in 14 countries including the UK, China, Japan, Spain and the United States.
In all countries surveyed, the number of Internet users watching TV is lower than that of non-users.
\"This is a huge change in behavior that we are just starting to explore,\" said Jeffrey Cole, director of state Department of the United States. C. L. A.
Communication Policy Center.
For example, users watch 5 in the United States.
TV hours per week 2 hours less than non-weeklyusers.
The study also found that in all the countries surveyed, Internet users spent more time than non-
Users of social activities.
However, the gender gap on the Internet varies from country to country.
In the United States, the percentage of men and women using the internet is only a few percentage points (73.
1% for men and 69% for women)
In Italy, however, the number of men using the internet is almost twice that of women (41. 7% to 21. 5 percent).
\"How people from different countries see the difference in the credibility of information on the Internet is also obvious . \"Cole said.
To some extent, this difference can be energy from traditional differences in media and culture in various countries.
South Korean users have the highest trust in online information, and Swedish users have the lowest trust.
In the United States, \"credibility has declined year by year \". Cole said.
\"The reason is experience,\" he added.
\"On RadarDo, the politicians misrepresent the facts?
This is a nonpartisan website created by the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg Public Policy Center, factcheck.
Analyze political speeches and seek truth--or fiction.
Maybe the best.
You can find the world-famous bus shelter on Scotland\'s Unst island (www. unstbusshelter. shetland. co. uk).
A network of savvy new groups on Women and Technology is misbehaving. net.
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