ottawa bus crash: westboro station incident sees double-decker vehicle strike transit shelter

by:YEROO     2019-09-05
The incident occurred during peak hours. OTTAWA —
Two dead and 23 injured.
Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said the decker city bus hit a crossing in Ottawa on Friday afternoon.
Ottawa Police Chief Charles bordlaw added at a night news conference at Ottawa City Hall that the bus driver was arrested at the scene.
He would not say why she was detained or ask questions on her own initiative.
\"There are a few things that have led us to have to arrest this person and take them to the station,\" Bordeleau said . \".
The accident happened west of the city center at 3: 50. m.
Just as dusk began settling down on the coldest day of winter in the capital so far.
Watson said the bus was bound for Canata, a suburb of Ottawa.
Two of the dead were on the bus.
He said one of them was on the platform at Westborough station, a major station on the city\'s bus lane.
When the vehicle approached the station, it apparently skipped the curb and plowed the past along the platform, where the roof of a shelter was deeply engraved on the second deck of the vehicle.
The first seat on the upper floor of the bus was squeezed together.
During the emergency response, more than a dozen ambulances lined up on one side of the transit route to take the injured.
A woman who could walk was helped off the bus by two first aid workers, one holding each of her arms.
Another car was pushed off on gurney, which was apparently in distress, and crying loudly on the overpass above, enough to be heard.
Neither Bordeleau nor Watson would guess why the bus left the road. Despite mid-
The temperature is about zero in the afternoon-
On the 15 th, there was no snow in Ottawa, and the bus was the city\'s top priority for snow sweepers, snow sweepers and Sanders.
\"We are taking all the necessary steps to determine all the facts and will work together
\"Fully operational in any investigation,\" said John Manny, general manager, OC Transpo, Ottawa transit services.
Nursing staff said a total of 25 people were taken to hospital, indicating that one victim was unable to recover at the scene and the other two died upon arrival.
Medical director miles Cassidy said at a subsequent press conference that 14 of those transported were in critical condition and 11 were in serious condition.
\"Most serious injuries are on-
Right on the right side of the bus . \"
\"I would like to express my condolences and condolences to the Ottawa police and other emergency services.
\"He said that in the crash, the upper floor of the bus was severely damaged and several people were trapped inside for a while.
Bordeleau said the investigation would take a long time and could mean closing buses and nearby roads in at least a few hours. Gabe Rivett-
Kanak arrives at Westborough station by double bus
About an hour before the accident, Decker bus himself.
He was in the apartment opposite the station and after 4 he began to hear the siren. m.
He said that he walked outside and encountered a scene of \"chaos\" with at least 30 emergency vehicles, including seven or eight fire engines, as well as many police officers and onlookers.
\"You can see that the entire front of the bus has been removed or cut off, and firefighters are cutting off the top floor windows on the ladder,\" he said . \".
\"I saw a person sitting in a position being put down from the top floor.
\"He said he could know that there would be death, given the destruction at the scene.
\"Depending on how it looks, if there is anyone in front of the bus at the top, I can\'t see how they escaped,\" he said.
He said that his partner usually gets off at that station when she gets home from work, but she didn\'t go in on Friday and they are checking in with family and friends who live in the area to see if they are OK.
\"You have a knot in your stomach.
I want to vomit a few times.
It\'s not a comfortable thing to witness, I can\'t imagine experiencing it.
Politicians, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Prime minister Doug Ford, expressed support on Twitter.
\"For the people of Ottawa, everyone else in Ontario will share your grief tonight.
\"We are sad with you, we are standing with you,\" Ford wrote in a longer statement . \".
\"Such a devastating news.
I express my condolences and condolences to the victims, their families and all those affected by this tragedy, \"wrote Catherine McKenna, environment minister representing the regional parliament.
At 2013, another Ottawa double
Decker bus broke through a warning door in the suburb of Barrhaven, colliding with a straight-through rail train, killing six people when the train was cut off from the front of the vehicle.
In this case, a survey found that the reason was that the speed was too fast, which was a difficult curve before the tracks and drivers were distracted from the video display showing the upper layer.
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