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Outdoor advertising display, an outdoor promotion tool in the information age


Outdoor advertising display has become a new popular product in this era of information explosion. It has a huge advantage over similar products in transmitting information and expanding influence. It can play a very significant publicity effect, and public places can bring users Come for a good visual impact.

YEROO, as a company with 20 years of advertising products, all outdoor advertising displays produced are fully tested and passed the tests of waterproof, high temperature aging, and low temperature aging. To ensure that no matter what season, weather condition and region, it is not afraid of the sun or rain, working all-weather, the unique outdoor operation and maintenance cloud system, but also has the following many functions.


1. All-round protection in 9 categories, including high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, door opening, falling to the ground, blockage, damage, flooding, and burnout;

2. Automatically detect the condition of the filter, and remind the filter whether it needs to be replaced in real time;

3. In case of deliberate destruction, the "self-protection robot" activates protection and uploads the destruction evidence in real time;

4. Screen sensor, you can know whether the screen display is good or not in real time;

5. Remote maintenance of the operation and maintenance cloud platform, remote setting and analysis of the cause of the failure;

6. Operation and maintenance big data analysis;

In addition, support for multimedia Internet playback is also a highlight of outdoor advertising displays. The embedded networked information publishing system and the server-side management software of the configuration system, whether at bus stops, social service stations, or tourist attractions, only need to touch the screen lightly with your fingers, and multimedia playback is unlimited at any time.

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