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Outdoor advertising light box delivery principle


Many people put out outdoor advertising light box advertisements are blind, and the results are not good, so the light box delivery sometimes requires simple advertising, then the purpose of the enterprise will be achieved. Please see the introduction of YEROO below:

YEROO-Outdoor advertising light box delivery principle

1, do the right thing at the right time - the timing of advertising

The grasp of advertising opportunities generally does not attract the attention of the company. Judging from the advertising operations of most companies today, I don’t know how to adopt different strategic ideas for the production and distribution of advertisements based on different market periods. It is difficult to distinguish the lead time, adjustment period, deepening period and retention period of the advertisement. The general practice is to put TV commercials, radio advertisements, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, POPs and promotions on a plate, then spread them all to the market, forcibly add information to consumers, thinking that this will have an effect. . However, different media have different effects. Although some indiscriminate advertising bombings can drive some sales, but how many companies have lost their hard-earned money, the money invested is far from what should be. effect.

2, the principle of effective audience expansion

The target audience of any kind of media can't completely coincide with the target consumer group of the enterprise product. Therefore, the organization organization should advertise the media to complement the selected media, that is, after selecting a medium, it should target the part of the consumer group that it does not include. Complete with other media. The purpose of this is to meet the effective population of advertising coverage, that is, the target consumer group of enterprise products.

3, consolidate and improve the principle

Consumers are interested in advertising information, remembering, buying desires, and requiring advertisements to be repeatedly reminded and consolidated with a certain frequency. Because the audience's repeated attention to an ad on a medium will decrease over time, multiple media needs are needed to extend the audience's attention to the ad.

The above is an analysis of the principle of outdoor advertising lightbox delivery. Reading through the above may help you to advertise.

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