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Outdoor advertising light box features


There are many varieties of outdoor advertising light boxes, and the scope of application is wide. It has a very intuitive and effective publicity effect. In urban construction, outdoor advertising light boxes play a positive effect that cannot be ignored. In the production of outdoor advertising light boxes, Foshan YEROO summed up the characteristics of outdoor advertising light boxes that are different from indoor light boxes.

The outdoor advertising light box is characterized by the use of day and night to show people how to convey information over long distances. The far visual effect of advertising works is very strong. Combined with the fast pace and high efficiency of modern society, people who come and go can be passively concerned at a great distance.

Most print media ads are only available indoors or in small areas, and the format is relatively small. The outdoor advertising light box displays the content of the advertisement through the door, the announcement (propaganda) column, and the vertical light box painting. I want to be wider than other print ads, and naturally attract attention.

YEROO-Outdoor advertising light box features

Outdoor light box advertising, regardless of the form, will have a certain range and fixed position requirements. Since it is used as a semi-permanent display device, its basic structure is more complicated than indoor advertising. Including frames, materials, photo printing, windproof, rain and snow, and other lighting facilities at night, making it cost more to produce in a single piece than other types of advertising.

The outdoor advertising light box is compared with the traditional advertising mode to send flyers and TV advertisements. The advertising effect brought by the outdoor light box is not only better and deeper, but also the cost is not so high, and there is no need for continuous cost input, but Can harvest long-term advertising benefits.

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