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Outdoor advertising light boxes must be processed according to standards in production


With the rapid advancement of electronic plate making and printing technology, outdoor advertising light boxes have been popular with people for their vivid colors. Whether it is in the day or in the dark, it attracts people's attention, induces consumers' desire to purchase, and strengthens the special impression of advertising.

In order to make the outdoor light box advertising screen realistic and artistic, most outdoor light box screens are made by photo inkjet or color inkjet printing. At the same time, the light box screen is made by special means on special paper, plastic sheet, plastic film, light box cloth, and the production method and materials are selected according to the requirements of cost, weather resistance and the like. The outdoor advertising light box production company will talk about the production standards of outdoor light box advertising signs.

YEROO-Outdoor advertising light boxes must be processed according to standards in production

1, outdoor advertising light box style design
First of all, the combination of advertising and products, to play a role in positioning, can not only make the ads more attractive, and thus use a lot of product-independent design. Secondly, it is necessary to clarify the design of advertising products, and it is not possible to change them arbitrarily. This determines the effectiveness of advertising and avoids the use of factors that are not related to product style. This will result in ineffective product promotion or counter-effects. Taizhou Advertising Company

2, the processing of outdoor advertising light box pictures
Advertising product images must be processed through some art. For example, the combination of blue and red, these two colors, combined to create a visual impact, makes people look attractive. At the same time, it is forbidden to advertise the color background and not be able to fill a large set of unprocessed colors, such as blue and red, east and west, and the mess is unorganized, which is not effective.

3, the processing of outdoor advertising light box text
The processing of the font should ensure that the font can be clearly seen, otherwise the font is beautiful, which is ineffective for those who browse the advertisement. They will not waste a lot of time to study your text. In order to make the text more prominent, the primary and secondary are distinct, that is, the color font styles in the advertisement words are differently colored, the deformation of different fonts, and the like.

4, The artistic expression of outdoor advertising light boxes
The artistic expression of advertising is very important, which determines whether consumers have a desire to buy. If you want to be able to make people see the product advertisement and feel that the product is attractive enough to trigger the consumer's desire to buy, then congratulations, your advertisement is successful.

The outdoor advertising light box should be designed and processed according to the standard, and the advertising efficiency brought by the light box can be better utilized.

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