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Outdoor advertising player maximizes delivery


Some companies choose to use outdoor advertising players to promote product information, but some companies do not use the results after the use, in fact, the outdoor advertising player has a lot of attention, such as location, traffic must be considered, then how What is the biggest effect of outdoor advertising players?

YEROO-Outdoor Advertising Player Maximizes Delivery

1: According to the flow of people, the position is placed

Usually, the outdoor advertising player is placed in a place with a large traffic flow to maximize the effect. In simple terms, placing the LCD advertising player near the entrance of the mall is better than placing it near the exit, because the consumer is just When entering the mall, there is still a sense of freshness. When shopping around the exit, there is no fresh feeling at the beginning, and the advertising player is not so attractive. There are also some other places where outdoor advertising machines are best placed: bus stops, subway stations, airports, etc. Because the content displayed by the outdoor LCD advertising player is not the user can read in a few seconds, and in these places, people have enough time to watch the content on the advertising player after waiting for the car. Therefore, before placing the advertisement player early, it is necessary to first check the size of the traffic volume and the characteristics of the crowd.

2: Judging the number of ad players served based on traffic

After selecting the advertising player's placement area according to the size of the traffic and the characteristics of the crowd, it is necessary to determine the number of advertisement players to be delivered according to the size of the delivery area and the flow rate of the person. Usually, the number of ad players placed in places with high traffic volume will be more, and in those places where the traffic is relatively small, the number of ad players will be less, but it does not mean that they will not be delivered. Only by holding the attitude of “Growing the net and fishing more fish” can the publicity effect of the outdoor advertising player be maximized.

3: Making concise and clear advertising content

Produce clear and concise advertising content for the product features to be advertised, so that the public can have a general understanding of the products being advertised after watching. Another point is that the customization of the advertising content can be combined with the characteristics of the crowd in different places, and only in this way can the advertising content be sufficiently attractive to the user. And the playing content of the wall-mounted advertising player needs to be played in a loop at a certain time point, and the advertisements over and over again make people subconsciously understand the advertised product and become a potential user of the product.

In general, the launching area and delivery data of the outdoor advertising player directly determine the efficiency of the LCD advertising player, and of course the playing content of the advertising player is also one of the important factors to improve the efficiency of delivery.

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