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Outdoor billboard advertising to increase revenue


The advertising word width of outdoor billboards gives people a shocking visual impact. The total billboard area of the pillars on both sides of the highway is more than 100 square meters. The billboards of some high-speed toll stations are also prosperous. The great advertising brand can only be avoided in the eyes of the general attack, this kind of practical effect is shocking.

There are two ways to choose at this stage: this is T-type, the main skeleton is made of a single steel beam and the upper end is T-type electric welding welded transversely to the load-bearing beam. The main structural support of the management system is established, and the calculation is simple. The top of the pole is welded by a load-bearing beam to produce a T-shaped rigid frame structure management system on the roadbed. The advertising word control panel is connected with the T-shaped rigid frame structure according to each small pendant and the diagonal bracing. The other is a truss type, the main skeleton is formed by welding a single steel beam and a transverse load-bearing beam with parallel faces on the upper end. The pillars of the pillars are connected by level and oblique support points to create an indoor space truss. Management system, the advertising words immediately cooperate on the main skeleton.

YEROO-Outdoor billboard advertising to increase revenue

Outdoor billboards are generally built on highways or in more centralized cities, provinces and provinces. With its large and medium-sized features, it is more conspicuous and more persistent, which can attract a large number of people to pay special attention. If you combine visual and color art creativity, it will have a deterrent effect and make people feel like they are impressed. A T-brand advertising card has the characteristics of a lifetime investment benefit, and it can be sold in the same house as the same age and ownership, so it can be rented, so this is the best choice for investment in fixed projects.

Because outdoor billboards have a large net weight, outdoor billboards must therefore be mounted on very strong metal supports or immediately fixed on the boundary layer of the building. The basic support frame of the outdoor advertising sign is made by the purchaser independently, and must pass through the strict card basic compressive strength and the impact resistance of the support frame, so that it exceeds the metal support and the weight of the card to the compressive strength of the load support frame. The basic provisions stipulate that the impact resistance exceeds the local high wind speed. If the outdoor advertising sign is installed on the metal bracket, the opposite side of the card support frame should be closed and fixed with stainless steel plates to prevent the rear side from damaging the interface to reveal the actual effect. In a sense, I think the composition of this tower is a beautiful landscape. The mandatory elements of decision-making depend on the geometric specifications and appearance of outdoor billboards, which are the ultimate in traditional print media and electronic media.

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