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Outdoor billboard installation process


The outdoor billboard installation process, the selection, arrangement and construction of the billboard steel structure should be easy to manufacture, install, maintain and make the structure force simple and clear, reducing stress concentration. The biggest advantage of outdoor billboards is that it is simple and convenient. It does not require large-area construction equipment, and is widely used to form a unique basic form. Outdoor billboards have advanced wind resistance, and their basic cost is large and the occupied area is large.

YEROO-Outdoor billboard installation process

1, the outdoor billboard screen design finalization

a. Communicate with customers to understand customer needs and design content in combination with actual needs.

b. The design is based on the requirements of the construction client.

c, draw sketches, computer drafts.

d. Confirm the draft with the construction customer and confirm it and modify it until the customer's demand is met.

2, outdoor billboard spray painting cloth production process

a. Since the width of the inkjet printer used for the Nelly inkjet billboard is 3.2m, after designing the canvas content, the designed inkjet cloth is also divided into 3.2m width according to the actual size, and at the same time, to prevent the resistance The whiteboard of the billboard welding frame appears. The height of the canvas is 5 to 10 cm above and below the height of the bracket.

b. The outdoor billboard canvas should be drawn according to the number marked by the computer design draft.

c. After all the pictures have been printed by digital inkjet machine, the canvas should be spliced according to the number using the patchwork machine or computer special glue.

d. Draw a buttonhole at a distance of 20-30 cm on the top and bottom of the billboard canvas.

3, the outdoor billboard canvas installation process

The installation of the outdoor billboard canvas requires about five to six people. The top of the billboard requires about three or four people. The bottom requires about two or three people. The size of the canvas can be arranged according to the design of the canvas. When installing, two people specially put the wire on the buttonhole of the canvas, and then the three or four people above the billboard used the big rope to pry the top of the billboard and fixed it, while the construction workers below forced the canvas until the advertisement canvas Flattened and finally fixed.

4, outdoor billboard acceptance

Check that the material, color, content, size, processing, and installation of the advertising canvas are stable and flat.

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