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Outdoor billboard installation requirements


The installation of outdoor billboards is an aerial work, which refers to the benchmark of people in a certain position. According to this regulation, the construction industry has a wide range of aerial work. When working in a building, if working on a shelf of 2 meters or more, work in a high-altitude area. In order to prevent people and objects from falling from high altitude during the operation, under the premise of satisfying the above conditions, the hanging, climbing, working platforms and intersecting operations within the structure of various structures and structures shall be handled according to the work at height and protection.

1. Prevent outdoor advertising towers from installing high-altitude accidents: strengthen the construction plan, cooperate with various construction units and various types of work, make full use of safety facilities such as scaffolding, avoid or reduce downtime; operators should be more careful to avoid overload and overwork . Very unstable; workers suspended in the air must wear soft, non-slip shoes and fasten their seat belts.

2. The installation of outdoor advertising towers should insist on regular safety education and safety technical training for high-altitude workers to understand the laws and hazards of falling accidents, firmly establish safety ideas, and prevent and control the ability of accidents.

YEROO-Outdoor billboard installation requirements

3. The installation of outdoor advertising towers should strictly abide by the safety regulations. If you find yourself or others illegal operation and abnormal behavior, or abnormal conditions and protective measures of objects related to aerial work, they should be replaced in time to meet safety requirements.

4. It is forbidden to work in the open air of 4 winds, heavy rain, snow and fog.

5. Outdoor advertising tower installation and operation equipment, safety facilities, special labor protection equipment and necessary safety performance testing equipment comply with national standards.

The installation of outdoor billboards needs to be prepared according to the above requirements, to ensure the safety of the installation site and to ensure the safe use of the billboards.

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