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Outdoor billboard is a business card to promote urban culture


If the outdoor advertising inside the city is a part of the city image and is shaping and beautifying the city image, the outdoor advertising on both sides of the road around the city, especially on both sides of the highway, is shaping and promoting the first impression of the city. At present, the main channels for external publicity of urban cultural images are almost highway outdoor billboards, in addition to television advertisements.


Highway outdoor advertising is a business card to promote the urban cultural image

With the increase in the number of private cars. Highways, especially highways, are important passages for private cars to pass by. They have become the gate for people to enter and understand a city's first impression. The piles of anti-aircraft artillery advertisements erected on the roads around the city have become the first face of the city. We all know that face often plays an important role in the first impression of passing people. Especially the anti-aircraft artillery advertisements around the city surrounded by high speed play an important role and significance for the cultural image shaping and external image promotion of the city. As an outdoor street sign advertisement, the anti-aircraft artillery advertisement is not only the first business card of the city, but also the pulse of the city, the vitality of the city, and the spirit of the city. It shows the culture of the city and reflects the charm of the city.

The connotation of urban cultural image is divided into three layers. The first layer is the visual recognition layer, which is embodied through the visible and tangible material vision. The second layer is the behavioral culture layer, which is the behavioral information generated by the people in the city as cultural subjects, showing the cultural characteristics of the city. The third layer is the urban concept layer, which is the highest level and realm of the urban cultural image, which is mainly displayed through the urban spirit, people's values and economic and cultural development strategies.

As an outdoor billboard for urban cultural image shaping and promotion, its form should belong to the first layer of visual recognition. However, the overall information and aesthetic conception of the graphics, the combination of words and colors and the layout design in the advertising design belong to the highest level of the urban cultural image-the urban concept layer. The selection and shaping of the visual elements in the anti-aircraft artillery advertisements are through design art techniques, which reflect the cultural characteristics of the city and the connotation of aesthetic themes. The information transmission in the anti-aircraft artillery advertisement is not only the historical context of the city, but also reflects the city's economic development strategy and future direction.

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