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Outdoor billboard maintenance points


Outdoor billboards are exposed in the sun all year round. For the beauty of outdoor billboards, mainly rely on the later maintenance, maintenance is a long-term work, good maintenance, the use of outdoor billboards. It also saves money and ensures a secure outdoor billboard.

YEROO-Outdoor billboard maintenance points

Annual maintenance of outdoor billboards, mainly check the steel structure of the billboard to see if there is welding, whether the anti-corrosive paint is intact or not:

1. If rust, paint peeling, weathering, etc. are found, the base layer should be cleaned, derusted, and painted again. When the surface gloss is 80%, the surface is rough, the weathering rate is 25%, and the paint film is the outer casing, maintenance work should be carried out.

2. Every year, the seam points (welds, bolts, anchor bolts) are inspected and found to have cracks in the welds. When the joints are loose, the joints should be repaired in time to maintain stability;

3, monthly maintenance of lighting, power supply, electrical control equipment, no leakage, no lighting phenomenon.

Outdoor billboards are outdoors all year round, and the environment is quite bad. When using billboards, we should carry out daily maintenance to ensure that it can display better. Foshan Yilong is a professional outdoor billboard manufacturer, welcome new and old customers to order.

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