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Outdoor billboard manufacturers: precautions for outdoor billboards


Outdoor billboards are a relatively common outdoor advertising media. They are generally built in wide areas such as highways and crossroads, which are more conducive to their advertising efficiency. What matters should be paid attention to when making outdoor billboards?

1. Outdoor billboards should first have scientific and reasonable design and construction drawings for local climate conditions. This is the primary condition to ensure the quality of outdoor billboards. Various bars and boards simulate local wind pressure, snow pressure, seismic index and other values, which can only be implemented after reaching the standard in computer demonstration.

2. Standard steel ingredients. At present, the steel market has a distinction between national standards and non-national standards. The design drawings are designed according to national standards. If non-national standard materials are used in the construction process instead of national standard materials, the construction cost will be greatly reduced and the quality will be greatly reduced. Formal production companies generally provide a certificate of quality of the steel used.


3. Scientific construction management system. The welders needed to make outdoor billboards must be professional construction personnel with a national special technical qualification certificate, and there are quality and safety management personnel on-site for on-site management. The construction process must be equipped with various safety protection measures, and the process flow is fully constructed in accordance with the drawings.

4. Necessary post-maintenance measures. Maintenance includes regular anti-rust paint brushing (except maintenance-free type), and overall weld structure inspection to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent them before they happen.

5. Insurance measures. Natural disasters are man-made force majeure. How to minimize the losses of natural disasters is something we must consider. Applying natural disaster accident insurance for pillar billboards can solve all-round worries.

The precautions for the upright billboards are the above points. The owners and manufacturers must take them seriously and deal with the above points to ensure the safety of the upright billboards!

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