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Outdoor billboard production


Outdoor billboards are mainly used at road intersections or highway interchanges. Commonly used outdoor billboards on expressways are mainly 18m×6m and 7m×21m. The design of the board size should take into account local city appearance management and local wind load regulations, most of which are stipulated The size of the card face shall not be larger than 6m×18m.

Outdoor billboard construction safety requirements: outdoor billboards are large-scale billboards erected on both sides of the highway and supported by a column. The long one is 18MX6M on two or three sides, and in some places it is even large, which affects The safety of outdoor billboards, standard welded outdoor billboards are designed by the provincial design institute and constructed by a sophisticated team to ensure the principle of quality first and safety first.


Outdoor billboard product style and application: three-sided outdoor billboard, double-sided outdoor billboard, three-sided LED outdoor billboard, special-shaped 21m×7m outdoor billboard, multi-style outdoor billboard, double-layer special-shaped LED outdoor billboard, cross-street advertising Sign, airport 18m×6m outdoor billboard, outdoor billboard and floor fence outdoor billboard, large gantry billboard, large outdoor full-color LED display single column, etc.

Standard materials for outdoor billboard production: outdoor billboard size 18m×6m

Three-sided outdoor billboard supervisor: spiral 1220×12mm

Outdoor billboard foundation: manual digging well pile foundation or ladder foundation

YEROO Advertising, an outdoor billboard manufacturer, has been engaged in the production of outdoor billboards for many years and has rich production experience. Its standard production technology and the products produced have a longer life cycle. Welcome to consult!

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