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Outdoor billboards have a place in the market


Outdoor billboards are also a means of propaganda. Some manufacturers expand the market through the use of outdoor billboards, so that more customers can understand that the pillar billboards are simple and convenient, do not require large-area construction equipment, and are widely used to form The unique basic form, the outdoor billboard has advanced wind resistance, and its basic cost is large and the occupied area is also large.

The outdoor billboard has the characteristics of high strength, durability, uniform texture, good plastic toughness and shock resistance, high quality and high efficiency. The design is accurate, safe, reliable and beautiful in design according to the mechanical principle and aesthetic concept. In various different requirements, the steel structural components are processed and manufactured in the factory, mechanized production, anti-corrosion after professional mechanical rust removal and polishing, primer spraying, transported to the site for on-site assembly, simple construction and installation, high installation efficiency.

YEROO-Outdoor billboards have a place in the market

The outdoor billboard adopts the steel structure grid and the support system with high stability. The high-strength bolt connection is adopted between the components, which greatly reduces the welding workload in the field. The layout is flexible, and the screen can be replaced at any time. The assembly of the column and the board is a combination of the bolts, and the structure is disassembled and assembled more conveniently.

Outdoor billboards are generally built on the national roads and provincial roads that tell the road or the flow of people. The high-altitude features make the advertisements more conspicuous, and the continuity is better, which attracts more people's attention. Combining the characteristics of vision, senses, and color entrepreneurship, it brings shock, brings a sense of immersion, and is also a lifelong benefit of one-time investment.

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