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Outdoor large billboard performance and investment benefits


Large outdoor billboards are usually built on highways or on urban roads with provincial and national roads. Because of its large-scale high-altitude characteristics, the advertisements are more conspicuous and more continuous, which can attract more people's attention. If you combine multi-dimensional vision, multi-sensory, and color creativity, it will be very powerful, and you will be impressed by the immersive feeling.

At the same time, outdoor large billboards have the characteristics of one-time investment for lifelong benefits, and it can have the same property rights and use rights as houses, and can be sold and leased, so it is a better way to choose fixed investment.

Large outdoor billboards have the following advantages:

1, size, location and impact;

2, full time

3, the frequency of creation

4, the marching crowd

5, time allocation

6, thousands of people with low cost

7, the public to the target audience

8, diverse forms, no limit to creativity

9, fresh colors, light and magic light up the living space.

YEROO-Outdoor large billboard performance and investment benefits

Key points for the use of outdoor large billboards:

1. First of all, there should be scientific and reasonable design and construction drawings for local climatic conditions. This is the primary condition for guaranteeing the quality of artillery. The values of the local wind pressure, snow pressure, and seismic index of various poles and decks can be implemented after the computer demonstrates the standard.

2. Scientific construction management system. The welders required for the production of high-altitude guns must be professional construction personnel holding the national special technical qualification certificate. On-site quality and safety management personnel must be on-site management. The construction process must be equipped with various safety guarantee measures. The process flow is completely in accordance with the drawings.

3. Standard steel ingredients. At present, the steel market has a distinction between national standard and non-national standard. The design drawings are designed according to the national standard. If the construction process uses non-national standard materials instead of national standard materials, the construction cost will be reduced a lot, and the quality will be greatly reduced. Regular production companies generally provide a certificate of quality for the steel used. Whether the structure is reasonable or not, the standard of steel ingredients determines the quality of the artillery. The production of artillery is still at the initial stage of development. There is neither a certain industry nor a quality supervision department. The expanding market demand has spawned large and small companies that can produce anti-aircraft guns. Some companies have anti-aircraft structures in advertising materials. In the introduction of the billboard production based on a little scrutiny, experience replaces the scientific check-up, and then doped some price factors, the material is not enough standards, it is inevitable to become a hidden danger of the road.

4. Insurance measures. Natural disasters are man-made force majeure. How to minimize the loss of natural disasters is something we must consider. Dealing with natural disaster accident insurance for high-altitude artillery can solve all worries in all directions.

5. Necessary post-maintenance measures. Including conventional anti-rust paint brush (except maintenance-free type), the overall structure inspection of the weld joint, in order to eliminate hidden dangers, prevent accidents.

Large outdoor billboards are mainly on the roads, including highways, urban roads, overpasses and other major road sections, and are an important part of the current advertising project.

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