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Outdoor light box application


The effect of outdoor advertising has also been confirmed in the past, and the well-made advertising light box is more directly reflected in the enterprise benefits. This is a long-term advertising model, the cost is fixed, and the outdoor advertising light box production accounts for A large percentage.

Outdoor advertising also needs to consider the effect of the advertising light box, because outdoor advertising is very susceptible to the weather, in order to better play the effect, to overcome the problem of the advertising light box in the daytime is not obvious, you can use tempered glass panels, advertising light boxes in the daytime The light-transmitting design is highlighted when the light is strong, and it will be lowered by the sunlight. The luminous performance in the night is highlighted in the night and becomes a beautiful landscape in the city.

YEROO-Outdoor light box application

Outdoor advertising production should also consider material issues. Outdoor advertising generally takes a long time to be replaced and does not change frequently. Therefore, the impact of the environment on the advertising light box should be considered to reduce maintenance costs. At the same time, advertising light box production is not a simple and easy task. It is necessary to consider the comprehensive factors, especially considering how the advertising effect is, how to maintain the advertising cost in the long run and avoid economic losses.

Outdoor advertising products should deal with the environment, especially the erosion and decomposition of the natural environment, and require special treatment or stable material self-abuse and chemical materials. The LED light commonly used in the advertising light box market has gained further application. Increased and maintained the market for luminous characters continued to rise. The total outdoor advertising is still very stable. Many luminous word products have also played a role in satisfying the different needs of customers and achieving the best results in terms of product use.

Outdoor light boxes are used in street, parks, schools, communities, etc., while forming advertising benefits, they can also have functions such as garbage bins, signboards, seats, etc., which are convenient for people's related needs and are widely favored.

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