Pavilion control smoking behavior is social progress

by:YEROO     2020-03-22
Smoking pavilion is a kind of human society for smokers, is also a concern for non smokers. By means of isolation control in smoking behavior, and harmless treatment to produce harmful smoke. This is the new era of environmental protection requirements, and the progress of the society. Smoking pavilion in design including the design of indoor smoke, booth design and outdoor pavilion, the options of the box type smoke pavilion is reliable, according to the requirements of implementing customized size. Specification size: size is 3 ㎡ ~ 30 ㎡ smallest smokers pavilion for four swallow to vomit fog at the same time. Booth in configuration: the power switch, socket, ashtrays, chair, dustbin, smoke purification device, etc. Smoking pavilion production process and control box, stainless steel pipe or galvanized steel pipe welding for the skeleton, sand wall can choose toughened glass wall, stainless steel plate wall or galvanized sheet wall, metal wall with ivory white color steel plate for internal wall panel. Both indoor and outdoor design ceiling, all in accordance with the requirements stated in the relevant proof design. Smoke purification device quickly take out indoor harmful smoke and exhaust to filter, reduce air pollution, reduce the secondary injury. Purification device ensure pavilion has certain cleanliness of the air inside. YiLong transportation & ndash; — Foshan box experts, for society to build a qualified smoking control box, suitable for the railway station, bus station, enterprises and institutions, public places, such as strengthen the social environmental protection, cherish the good health. Smoking is harmful to health, smoking is foshan YiLong pavilion real hope every smokers can give up smoking! Smoking not only harmful to smokers' health, the second-hand smoke in non-smoking women and children also can produce damage, most women hate smoking. In view of the domestic large number of smokers, for many smokers to quit smoking is a long process, public smoking behavior of controlling smoking kiosks thus arises at the historic moment, really is a great progress in society.
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