peta threatens to sue city of toronto and astral media over canada goose ads

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Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. TORONTO -
People who treat animals morally threatened to sue downtown Toronto and the Star Media to cancel the-
Canada Goose ads
The animal rights group said Friday that if they do not re-publish the ads that the group paid in September to criticize Toronto, it will start legal action against cities and Starlight bodies
Based on luxury jacket manufacturers, goose down and coyote fur are used in jackets.
The advertisement shows the picture of the animal, titled \"I am a living person, not a fur trim\" and \"I am a living person\", \"Do not fill in the jacket \", it was placed at the bus stop between the head office of goose Canada and the company CEO Dani Reiss\'s home.
Christina Sewell, assistant manager of animal friendly clothing activities, told Canadian media that the ads were supposed to last for four weeks, but less than 24 hours in September.
\"Astral told us that they had to pull ads because they had too many complaints,\" she said . \".
Spokesman for Bell Media
Companies with Astral confirmed that it removed the advertisements because they did not comply with part of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, which restricted advertising from demeaning organizations or causing public ridicule.
PETA claimed it did not violate the standards.
\"The position of Peta remains that its right to express freely includes the right to place this particular artwork-in its present form-on the property of the city, dismantling its artwork violates the group\'s statement in a letter sent to the city, Bell Media and Starlight Media on Thursday.
When asked about advertising, City of Toronto spokesman Eric Holmes said that Astral \"is responsible for applying these standards and any decisions related to the approval and removal of advertising content on these assets.
\"Sewell calls these ads\" benign, \"he says there is no timeline for PETA, and if the ads are not re-published, how long will it take legal action, but they promised to carry out their threat.
A Canadian goose spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.
The company has long been a target for animal-friendly organizations.
PETA members sometimes dress up as suburban wolves, protest in front of clothing company stores, and repeatedly claim that Canadian geese are the perpetrators of \"shameless cruelty.
\"There are too many cruel things --
Free alternatives and things made of plants or synthetic materials.
\"Fur is very harmful to the environment,\" Sewell said . \" He noted that it has not been in contact with PETA since the Canadian goose advertised.
\"We \'ve been running for a few years and it\'s hard to get a direct response from the company.
\"Canada Goose has previously filed a complaint about its use of fur, saying it is committed to the moral treatment of animals,\" there are fur decorations around the hood of the jacket that disrupt the airflow, helps protect the face from freezing \", which uses goose down as it is\" one of the best natural insulators in the world \".
\"We do not condone any deliberate abuse, neglect or malicious actions that cause excessive suffering to animals,\" the company\'s website said . \".
\"Our standards for sourcing and using fur, down and wool reflect our commitment that the material comes from animals that are not subject to intentional abuse or undue harm.
The company in the story :(TSX:GOOS), (TSX:BCE)
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