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by:YEROO     2019-09-19
Attingal: for residents of Attingal, there are more bus shelters on Attingal Ayilam Road than expected.
The bus shelter is an open library set up by the National Service Plan (NSS)
Unit of Attingal Government Model Boys High School.
It collects some books and newspapers for commuters who can read before the bus arrives.
According to Manoj CV, NSS\'s project officer, the project aims to develop residents\' reading habits.
\"We are all addicted to mobile phones in this digital age.
\"In addition to eating during our reading time, it can also cause serious harm to health,\" he said . \".
Founded on Thursday, the library has about 50 well-known Malaya and English-language newspapers and books, including journals and short stories.
\"Due to traffic bottlenecks, most commuters spend a long time at the bus stop.
The waiting time is now available.
We received good feedback from commuters of all age groups.
\"We will add more books,\" he added . \".
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