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by:YEROO     2019-09-25
Pune: It was hot in summer until a month ago. it\'s raining now.
Those traveling on the PMPML bus have no chance to breathe at all.
Looking at the luxury bus shelters that go through the city on the BRTS route, each of which cost lakhs rupees, one might wonder how much it would cost to build just thousands of simple bus sheds, the top of the shed is sturdy and durable, ensuring protection against sunlight and rain.
This year, PMPML plans to build more than 1,000 such shelters.
However, the plan failed to take off due to no contractor application.
Now it may take at least six months for shelters if some agencies start working.
Nearly 10 lakh people travel by bus every day on about 300 routes of PMPML. But well-
It is difficult to find the bus shelter for maintenance and protection. Of the 4,900-
Bus stop in Pune-
In Chinchwad and marginal areas, structures like shelters can be found in no more than 1,000 locations.
Manisha Kulkarni on Sinhagad Road said, \"there is no bench and people have to stand in the open air.
In many places, the stagnant water near the bus stop makes it difficult to stand up.
Maninder Kaur of Nigeria says the bus shelters in bad condition can only accommodate a small number of people, and many are waiting on the road.
All students Vikalp, Shashank and Siddhant said that the bus stop did not meet the purpose.
Bus commuter groups are also excited as they ask for better facilities for travelers.
Jugal Rathi of PMP Pravasi Sangh said the quality of bus service has been declining.
He noted that several commitments have been made over the past five to six years to install bus shelters.
\"About 90% of bus shelters cannot be used,\" he said . \"
The joint general manager of PMPML Pravin Ashtikar said that the bus transport company had already conducted a tender for the installation of the bus shelter, but the response was poor.
PMPML will be renewed
The tender will be issued soon, he said.
Prashant Jagtap, PMPML director, admitted that commuters are facing serious difficulties and that the process of installing a bus shelter should be completed soon.
\"A board meeting has been held on Friday.
\"This issue will be given priority,\" he said . \".
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