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Points for attention in the structural design of outdoor advertising players


Outdoor advertising player manufacturers specialize in the production of outdoor LCD advertising players. All outdoor advertising player drawings are their own sheet metal structural engineers, which are tailored according to customer needs. All-weather outdoor operation Outdoor high-definition high-definition LCD display, waterproof, dustproof, sunscreen, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, anti-theft, high-bright LCD module design, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance. Use galvanized steel plate + zinc-coated powder base + surface spraying special outdoor powder.


1. Shell design: The shell is made of 1.5mm galvanized sheet, sprayed with Aksu outdoor special powder, and outdoor antiseptic is more than 7 years.

2. Waterproof design: The shell structure is designed with waterproof grooves and waterproof labyrinths for inlet and outlet air holes to meet IP65 protection level.

3. Dust-proof design: The inlet and outlet are designed with special dust-proof filters (medium-efficiency dust-proof filters) to filter fine dust in the air and prevent mosquitoes from entering the machine.

4. High-transparency glass: the protective glass in front of the screen of the whole machine adopts 6mm high-transparency tempered glass or AR anti-glare tempered glass, with a light transmittance ≥97% and high light transmittance.

There are differences between outdoor advertising players and indoor advertising players, but they are used for commercial advertising. Whether their image can attract people's attention and provide a good sensory experience for the audience is very important for the design of advertising machines. of. The rapid development of the commercial display industry is bound to move towards wireless, interactive and e-commerce. Therefore, the outdoor advertising player must not only be beautiful in appearance and strong in visual impact, but also provide users with more reliable, practical and high-quality information from the user's perspective to achieve the maximum advertising effect.

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