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by:YEROO     2019-09-13
TRICHY: in order to reduce the cost and time of establishing a bus shelter, the regional rural development bureau (DRDA)
A prefabricated bus shelter has been set up in Trish.
About 150 square feet of prefabricated bus shelters is a portable structure that can be moved to places where there is a demand for bus shelters.
Prefabricated bus shelters have been set up near the district staging ground.
It will take three weeks to build a 150 square foot bus shelter, which will take about RS 7.
However, a pre-made bus shelter can be set up in one day for only Rs 5. 95 lakh.
The bus shelter has a seating facility that can act as a public shelter in exceptional weather conditions.
This prefabricated bus shelter will not adopt the traditional structure, but will reduce our cost and time.
Saravanan, a junior drafting official at DRDA Trichy, said portability is an advantage.
The prefabricated structure is a single mold made of concrete mixture and can be placed anywhere once the basement is ready.
DRDA plans to install similar bus shelters elsewhere in the area after obtaining permission from relevant local agencies.
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