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Precautions for site selection of outdoor large billboards


The choice of outdoor large-scale billboards has become more and more important. However, companies that are not in the advertising industry often have no way to start when they encounter this situation. In recent years, high-speed advertisements have been produced through bidding, so the traffic of road sections The surrounding environment of the advertising space is obviously particularly important. It has become an indispensable procedure for the on-site investigation of the billboard to facilitate future construction and cost estimation. The following precautions are popularized:

 1, Underground

Before selecting the construction site of the outdoor large-scale billboard, it is necessary to determine whether there are signs prohibiting construction nearby, and determine whether there are unforeseen optical cables and pipes underground. Avoid risks in advance.

2, Soil quality

The influence of soil quality on foundation construction: 1. Grading coefficient; 2. Foundation soil excavation (construction) method; 3. Treatment method of slope protection and retaining wall; 4. Selection of underground precipitation method, etc.


3, road conditions

The semi-trailer (to transport the semi-finished products to the construction site) and cranes are used in the construction of outdoor large-scale billboards. The specific tonnage is determined by the specifications of the outdoor large-scale billboards. Under normal circumstances, Standard single-pillar billboards with 18*6*18M on both sides are hoisted with 30T, and three-sided outdoor large billboards are hoisted with 30T and 70T). Tanker (concrete for foundation). Therefore, the road conditions must be good, and the hardness must be able to withstand transportation such as semi-trailers, cranes, and tankers.

4, the sky

Pay attention to whether there are high-voltage lines near the sky above the site. The standard outdoor large billboard is 18 meters high. If there are obstacles such as high-voltage lines and wires above the construction site, it will hinder the lifting of the sign.

5, effect

Before building a large outdoor billboard, you must first estimate the effect after it is built, and it is best to make a rendering. It is judged that the selected construction site is suitable for building a large outdoor billboard on several sides. Ensure that the advertising space is fully utilized.

Outdoor large-scale billboard manufacturers also remind everyone that the location of the media must have a large flow of people, such as intersections, turntables, squares in large shopping malls, industrial parks, and nearby real estate. Outdoor large billboards are generally 18 meters high. They are far-sighted among all advertising media. The location must be densely trafficked, such as the entrance to the city, near toll stations, national highways, provincial highways, and highways. As the construction site requires large vehicles to enter and exit, the site must be spacious enough, and the road surface must have sufficient hardness and endurance.




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