pricey diesel could cost transit windsor an extra $500k this year

by:YEROO     2019-10-15
If fuel prices continue to remain high, Transit Windsor may exceed its budget this year.
The transportation service budget this year is 85 cents per liter for a lot of fuel, but the cost has actually soared to $1. 02 per litre.
Gas prices in Ontario are close to record highs as the reason for gas prices in Canada to rise is the election failure
Executive director Pat Delmore said, \"it\'s a big amount when you use diesel over 3 million liters,\" adding that if the price stays at such a high level, the service will run a $500,000 deficit this year.
\"Of course, it\'s a bit challenging for us,\" Delmore said . \" He added that fuel prices could be higher this summer.
The service has seen an increase in the number of passengers, which may offset costs, he said, but it is too early to judge whether fares will increase.
\"You\'re always looking for ways to mitigate and reduce costs,\" DelmoreDelmore said . \" He said that prices must be maintained for a long time before fares rise.
The city council can also vote for more money for bus companies next year.
Hybrid buses use less fuel, but Delmoresaid 29 buses already owned in their fleet have covered the route by parking and driving --
Hybrid cars can save fuel.
Good idea: Transit Windsor with solar installed
She said to buy more hybrid buses
$750,000 per bus
It won\'t be cost-effective because they will run on long lines where their fuel efficiency is no higher than that of a diesel bus.
De more said they will continue to submit quarterly reports to the Council.
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