problems in modernising bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-10-14
The modernization of the city\'s bus shelters is in progress, but the lack of interest from private bidders in the construction of bus shelters in North Chennai remains an issue of concern to the authorities.
The civic group started the project last year and completed the first phase of the modernization of 99 bus shelters in a building. operate-and-
Transfer basis entrusted to Mumbaibased firm.
The foundation of many bus shelters has been completed and 25 may be ready this week.
The rest of the bus shelters will be completed in stages.
The 25 bus shelters to be installed this week include the main road, Blue Star, Chinthamani, University Road Meteorological Department, Conservatory of Music Greening Road, MRC Nagar and doctors at AMS Hospital
Doolga badshmuk Road.
Local residents and shops
Breeders opposed to the installation of bus shelters in places such as Sanskrit Academy, Mylapore tanks and Anna Nagar roundabout.
Only after the problems of the bus shelters have been resolved will civic institutions install them.
The company has 741 bus shelters, including 377 which were handed over by metropolitan transport.
In addition to 99 bus shelters, 642 bus shelters out of 6 packages were tendered, but the municipal authorities were unable to find bidders.
One of the six packages has no bidders, including 57 bus stops at Tondiarpet.
Civil institutions include Tondiarpet and the Nungambakam district in the bag.
Officials said bidders were reluctant to participate as the package was designed in such a way that the North Chennai area was in conflict with the South Chennai area.
Civic groups are now planning to be alone in the South Chennai packaging area and build their own bus shelters in areas such as Tondiarpet.
Bus shelters in the south of the city have many passengers.
The bidding company will be allowed to rent 180 square feet. ft.
Advertising for each sanctuary.
A fee is required to be paid to the company every year.
From the second year, the company will be required to pay an additional five percentage points of income from the shelter.
Bus shelters will be handed over to civic institutions after the contract term is 10 years.
Municipalities are waiting for a Supreme Court ruling to include the 500 bus shelters controlled by metropolitan transport in the package, which will make them more attractive to bidders.
Officials say this could speed up the installation of the redesigned bus shelters.
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