Professional road toll booths manufacturer supply hunan expressway toll booths

by:YEROO     2020-03-22
YiLong traffic is a professional highway toll booths manufacturer, is one of the biggest suppliers of hunan highway toll booths. We each style tollbooths products completely according to the requirements of customers, and the national highway toll booths JIT422 - 2000 standard production, the pursuit of high quality and efficiency, guarantee the goods time, customer satisfaction production policy. YiLong traffic have a professional product design team, and has a group have many years of experience in bending, welding, assembly and full of strong sense of responsibility skilled workers, quick procurement, thus to ensure the quality of the production technology of highway toll booths and product quality. 's we are a professional producer of highway toll booths, and hunan highway toll booths long-term cooperation supplier, recent cooperation and hunan of hunan changsha city highway is your city highway. YiLong in 17 years, highway toll booths industry at the beginning of the scale from a factory of 5000 square meters to 15000 square meters, now business is also from hunan and guangdong development to all provinces, 96000 km highway in our country has made YiLong material tollbooths products of more than 4800 of various models, specific see http://www style and effect. dgyike。 Com/shop/shoufeiting/tollbooths series. YiLong traffic highway toll booths as professional manufacturers, with relevant qualification level, its products for traffic related to the product inspection and certificate of quality.
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