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by:YEROO     2019-10-30
An important piece of land within Christchurch International Airport will be sold through JLL agents Sam Smith and Hamish stavossi. The 17.
The 74 45ha freehold website, located at 475 Memorial Avenue, will be available for sale on Tuesday, June 12 at four o\'clock P. M. in an interested manner.
\"It is arguably one of the Island\'s most famous attractions because it is located at SH1 point and across the airport from Memorial Avenue,\" Smith said . \".
\"Our retiring supplier told us that he saw significant progress during his long ownership period, driven by the airport.
\"Smith said the site has four titles, 500 metres from the front of Memorial Avenue.
This allows for multiple access points, and additional access can be provided by Avonhead Rd.
\"The property is designated as an industrial commercial park,\" he said.
\"This allows for a wide range of use, including warehousing, catering, service stations, offices, gyms, pre-
Schools, vets, retail and hotels.
The New Zealand Bureau of Statistics predicts that between 2017 and 2043, the population of Christchurch will increase by 71,900 and the population will increase.
This projected growth gives developers and investors the opportunity to get a website in such an important Christchurch area, stevossi said.
\"Memorial Avenue is essentially the gateway to Christchurch, which is known to people in the area.
It is in such a prominent position and is certainly an exciting prospect for developers, land bankers or owners with the right plans.
It is also possible for new owners to develop a title and insell the rest.
Crossing the road from what the agent calls \"this high quality venue\" is one of New Zealand\'s premier golf courses, the Rosley Golf Club, catering for locals and tourists.
The agent said the property was 20-
Just a few minutes drive from Christchurch CBD and just a few meters away from SH1 interchange, it is convenient to get to the north and south.
Recent improvements in the western corridor (SH1)
This is a national road that extends from two lanes to four.
Most of the traffic is entering the city, the airport, Belfast St in the north or Hornby in the south, and a small number of them travel north or south of these key areas.
Stavossi said: \"transportation in this area of Christchurch is rapidly improving, and the new Memorial Avenue Bridge and links with the northern and southern parts of the city have been improved.
\"Traffic along the Ross lane through the site is about 25,000 cars per day.
\"Another contributing factor to the growth of Christchurch\'s region is the growth of tourism after the 2011 earthquake.
The city is coming to an end of $40 billion.
Earthquake reconstruction.
This is not only a modern city, but also the result of the growth of tourism.
Christchurch International Airport has set a record.
With 57 million passengers entering and leaving the airport in 2017, the number of visitors to the city is expected to continue to increase.
\"It is also expected that the number of tourists entering New Zealand will increase by 4.
8 per cent over the next five to four years.
\"9 million tourists, many of whom will make their way to the Island in Christchurch, the gateway city,\" stevossey said . \".
He pointed out that Christchurch is the gateway to New Zealand Island and an important hub for international and domestic tourism.
Canterbury accounts for 57.
Account for 5 of Island\'s gross domestic product.
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