Purchasing highway toll booths should pay attention to what aspects?

by:YEROO     2020-03-21
More use of tollbooths or highway toll, moc issued tollbooths related manufacturing standards, let's do the procurement must choose professional manufacturers custom tollbooths. YiLong traffic toll booths for production, sales and service provides a strong guarantee. The company has more than 100 employees, including more than 30 technical personnel. Workshop with modern advanced sheet metal production equipment, equipped with 50 tons driving, CNC punch press 1; Bending machine 2 sets; Shearing machine 2 sets; Ordinary punch 8; All kinds of electric welding equipment 20 ( Eight in argon arc welding machine, touch welding machine 5, co2 welding machine, electric welding machine 6 sets of 8) ; Wire drawing machine, etc. Strong research and development, design, production capacity, let YiLong traffic gradually grow into the leader of the industry, technology, combined with first-class management provides information for procurement customers, welcome customers to visit our company manufacturing site of toll booths. We strictly according to customer requirements and industry standards for production, below is I provide single and double to stainless steel tollbooths technical requirements for your reference: name: tollbooths models: YK - GS6 specifications: 1. 5× 2. 5× 2. 5 meters 1. 5× 4. 4× 2. 5 meters CaiLiaoHeZhiZuoGongYi  收费亭主立柱,采用304#不锈钢砂光板,折弯成扇形立柱,厚度1. 5 mm, it can improve the impact strength framework.  收费亭外饰板采用304#1. 2 thick sand plate surface decoration, interior 12 mile high quality fireproof decorative board, face is white, so design, can let a booth in neat and easy feeling.  墙壁内用聚苯乙烯泡沫板,保温、隔热、隔音、防火、防潮,这种板强度大,有足够的支撑作用。  窗子采用高档不锈钢汽车推拉窗,玻璃全为5厘钢化玻璃,四边用胶条密封,绝不漏水,隔音效果良好。  天花吊顶采用优质防火装饰板,全为活动可左右移开,方便线路安装,维护。  亭内电路严格按照JT/T422- 2000 standard design, configuration, leakage protector, air switch, electrical box 1 ~ 2.  收费亭工作台前上方设有LED显示牌,左右各有100W射灯。  工作台全为不锈钢工作台,台上配有票箱、抽屉、钱箱,钱箱为便携式、可取走、可放回,安装方便,抽屉内设有3个钱夹和1个票据空位,票箱装在左侧靠边,装票时可拉出,方便、快捷。  亭内地板采用符合GB6650- 86 standard anti-static raised floor.  亭内工作台上方配有排气扇,安装摄像机所需支架。  亭顶部设有吊环,方便吊运。  使用环境温度:± 40℃本; — 80 ℃, 10% humidity & ndash; — 90%.  亭内工作台高度为800mm。
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