readers wonder if ads are more important than riders at transit shelters: the fixer

by:YEROO     2019-10-09
It looks like there is something suspicious about the placement of transit shelters, or maybe just incompetence.
But there is a lot of explanation to do, which is not TTC.
Our recent column is about a new shelter where passengers can only get off the bus and the other has no shelter, but is a good advertising platform that has triggered a storm of comments from readers, they think the comments are all about advertising, not passengers.
It makes us wonder how many shelters are high.
Many people will see the traffic area of the advertisement, but no one will stand there and wait for the bus.
Karen Newton told us one.
There is only one complete useless residence
Glass wall on Berkeley Street
Said we were late for the party at the \"ghost sanctuary\" where the passengers only got off the bus.
Catherine Saab said there were two new shelters on the Marina Avenue recently, one in the southwest corner of the Holy Princess.
The other is in the northwest corner of Sherborne Street.
\"For 28 years I have lived a few steps away from me (
From Marina Avenue and Princess)
\"I only saw one person get on the 121 bus here,\" she said . \" Sherbourne and Esplanade \"are almost completely disembarkation stations, she added.
John McClusky made a similar point: \"Why is there a bus stop and a new bus stop in front of Victoria Park Avenue Neil McNeil High School.
South of Kingston Road.
Where never does the bus go?
Mary Travis suggested that we \"look at the newly installed bus shelters in the northwest corner of Lesley and the lake shore \".
There are only people who disembark here.
Absolutely useless.
David Craw may be on the nail: \"I think the answer to why the shelter was installed has a lot to do with advertising.
Ideally, the number of passengers will be watched, but I bet the number of passengers on East Street will increase. and Queen St.
It is considered a good place to enjoy the scenery.
\"We asked the manager of the city\'s street furniture department twice why there was a shelter recently in the East South of the Queen.
The riders, he admitted, \"mostly disembark from here, not board the plane,\" but did not answer our questions about why shelters were set up there.
We suspect that experienced TTC riders know the other high
No one used the shelter for waiting for the bus as a transportation place for advertising billboards.
At the same time, cyclists stand in the rain at TTC stations, which are not the main real estate for advertising, and do not have the opportunity to find shelter.
If you know a \"ghost sanctuary\" it\'s not used by the rider, it\'s in a high
Traffic area, please send us a note about it.
We will compile a list of locations to pass on to TTC and ask it to tell us if we need these shelters.
Then we went back to the owner of the furniture in the city street and the owner decided where the shelter was going and asked for an explanation. Stay tuned.
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