regina building heated bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-09-12
In Regina, temperatures often drop in winter.
At 30 degrees, more bus shelters will soon bring heat.
The city announced on Friday that by February it will build four new shelters along the 11 th Avenue in the city center with heaters.
The user presses the button and the heating element will open for five minutes.
One of them has been put into use before the bay, and the other three will be built by next month.
According to the city, it will cost $275,000 to build and activate the four shelters.
Additional cost of electricity.
Here are four locations along the 11 th Avenue: westbound Lorne Street (
Between SGI/Bay).
Cornwall Street westbound (
Front of traffic information center).
Loon Street East (
In the niches of the SaskTel Building).
SKAS Street East (BMO).
In recent years, some businessmen in the city center have expressed concern about people wandering around shops while waiting for buses.
In a warm bus shelter on Friday morning, Corey Bruce said he was impressed by how quickly things warmed up.
\"Oh, yes, I will like this very much.
\"It\'s better than hanging out in that little corner over there,\" he said . \".
According to city officials, the innovation was the first in the province.
The city said in a statement on Friday: \"The Regina crossing is the first municipal transportation system in SA province to have a heated bus shelter . \".
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