richmond moves to require english on bus shelter ads

by:YEROO     2019-11-20
Richmond Coun.
Chak Au stands next to an advertisement for a bus shelter near the town hall, which is printed almost entirely in Chinese.
Vancouver Metro-
From real estate agents to Crest toothpaste, mouthwash, Visa card, and recently Budweiser beer, many advertisements for Richmond bus shelters are exclusively printed in Chinese.
But now, the market has adjusted the rules, so these ads must now be dominated by English.
This change is due to the expiration of the city\'s contract with Pattison outdoor advertising company at the end of 2015 and the terms of the new contract are currently being negotiated. “In the (
Request for Proposals)
\"We have inserted a request,\" said city spokesman Ted Townsend . \".
This is an extension of what we are talking about (private)
Business about signage.
Our preference is at least 50 (of the text)
It\'s English, (
Private enterprises)
This is not required by law.
He said Chinese
Only a few signs have led to complaints from the community, and the change in the rules is to respond to these.
Richmond will not carry out similar regulation of commercial signs on private property, but Townsend said the city was able to make a case for asking for English in the bus shelters advertisement.
\"This is in line with our desire to be an inclusive community with signage that everyone can understand and support,\" Townsend said . \". jlee-Youth @ postmedia.
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