ride on bus stops aren’t working for people with disabilities

by:YEROO     2019-08-24
I read with great interest in January.
Montgomery shelf bus-28
\"Parking plan\" for bus shelters in Montgomery County \".
Some of the shelters were misplaced. I am a 66-year-
Elderly, disabled.
I am also a permanent patient of Kaiser.
I make an appointment about every two months at the Kaiser Gaithersburg Medical Center. The No.
Claiming that the bus was terminated at the medical center.
It is only nominal for all practical purposes.
The bus shelter is Watkins Mill Road, more than three blocks from the medical center, some of which are uphill.
The location of the shelter is by no means in compliance with the standards of the American disabled act.
Since I rely on public transport, I have to use a taxi and/or Metro to complete my visit to this medical center.
Walking and returning from the bus stop was too far and too laborious in bad weather and I found it useful.
If there is a bus shelter closer to the medical center, I will take the bus and the subway to take a free ride from my home in Southwest Washington. Richard J.
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