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riders play waiting game when it comes to bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-10-18
Dear Street Smart: why do we have no shelter at all the bus stops in the San Fernando Valley?
Since all the money is spent on the new rail system, it seems to be a small expense.
I am tired of the deadlock.
If I don\'t have to wait in the hot sun, I will definitely take the bus more often.
If it becomes more delicious by bus, more people will do so.
There must be others who feel this way.
Dear Reader: there are 937 bus shelters in this huge city of Los Angeles.
About 25% of them are located in the valley.
How these places have been picked out and why there is no more shelter, this is a complicated story of politics, business considerations and a lot of bureaucratic red tape.
The following is the condensed version: In 1987, the city grants an exclusive 10-
One-year bus shelter contract for Gannett transit.
Gannett pays for the construction and maintenance of shelters.
The city approved the construction plan and location and received 8% of the total revenue from the shelter\'s advertising-
Or at least $300,000 a year.
Oh yes, in 15 city council districts, new shelters must be distributed as evenly as possible.
Lighting shelters that require underground electrical connections are not cheap.
They cost about $8,000 to $10,000 each.
Richard wanemacher, a spokesman for Gannett, said Gannett paid workers to visit two or three times a week to empty trash cans, clean up trash and remove graffiti.
He said the company is trying to build 50 new shelters a year, mainly in places where many bus passengers, drivers and others may see ads.
But companies must abide by strict city rules.
For example, bus shelters can only be placed on sidewalks at least 10 feet wide.
This excludes residential areas with narrow sidewalks.
The shelter cannot block the visibility at the intersection, nor can it be too close to the driveway or the poles.
It can\'t be placed on the manhole. -
The reason is obvious.
Objections from neighboring store owners may stop its construction.
If you would like to lobby for refuge at your favorite station, please call your city council member office or Gannett Transit (213)222-7171, ext. 220.
* Dear Street Smart: at least two places along the Glendale highway or California 2, there are indications that this is the Frank randman highway.
Who is Frank randman? Why is the highway named after him?
Also, is there any other highway in Los Angeles that is dedicated to people?
Dear Reader: Frank randman, who died in 1981, spent 28 years in the California Parliament.
He is known for his outspoken attitude and work to reform the National Mental Health Program.
When a resident of La Canada Flintridge retired from the legislature in 1978, his colleagues voted for him to name him a glend between Ventura and the Foothill Highway
Don\'t be sad if you never know this.
Caltrans identify name changes in 1978 by placing a plaque on Holly Avenue
Glendale ramp.
But until recently, there was no sign of a light man next to the highway.
Caltrans spokesman Pat Reid said that at the request of several local councillors, Caltrans recently posted two Lanterman highway identification signs along the highway.
This coincides with the opening of randman\'s former residence as a museum.
Yes, several other places in Los Angeles.
Regional Highway with celebrity name.
Glen M, recently opened
The Anderson Highway, also known as the century Highway, is named after a retired congressman who promoted its construction.
Interstate 10 is known locally as the Santa Monica Highway. -not too widely--
Columbus crosses the West End of the continental highway, and since no other state has joined the trend of Columbus, there is clearly no east end of the highway.
Sometimes Road honors come and go.
For example, in 1971, the state legislature named California 90 \"California 90\", extending from the San Diego highway to Richard M. Nixon Freeway.
Two years after Nixon resigned as president in 1976, the legislature renamed it the coastal highway.
Draw your own conclusions.
* Dear Street Smart: Who do you write or call to report a railway crossing that has been badly disrepaired?
On Roscoe Avenue on Canoga Avenue, the rail crossing has great potholes, and two-way traffic can only pass through the track at a speed of several miles per hour.
Scott Spreckman, EncinoDear Street Smart: When will the railroad reappear at the intersection of Devon Street, Larsen Street, and Delhi Avenue in the Chatsworth area?
Drivers must slow down to 5 m at these intersections. p. h. or less.
I don\'t mean that the railway should fill out the potholes.
They should do a good job.
These tracks are used in the South Pacific, the US and Metro.
Dear Reader: First of all, don\'t call the city street maintenance personnel because of the bumpy railway crossing.
The railways that own these railways are responsible for these railways, with an area of 2 feet on both sides, said Art Minazzoli, city street director at West Valley.
The railway company is concerned that street workers who are not familiar with the operation of the train may inadvertently create danger.
Therefore, they prefer to maintain their own crossings.
The problem is that there are not enough railway workers--Or enough money. -
Keep every intersection in tipstop shape.
Think about the South Pacific shipping company.
It has most of the tracks through the valley and 15,000 miles in 15 states.
\"There must be a system that gives priority to problem solving,\" said Mike forteney, a spokesman for the South Pacific.
\"It means we\'re not always as fast as the people who drive (the crossings)
Hope we are every day.
But we did our best.
\"If you think bumpy intersections should be promoted to a higher position on the priority list, Furtney recommends that you write to South Pacific lines, Central Avenue, Monterey Park 1200, California. 91754;
Attention: regional engineer.
Or Furtney says you can call the South Pacific Regional Engineer\'s Office (213)780-6951.
Metrolink purchased part of the South Pacific Valley track for its commuter trains and was responsible for these crossing points.
Peter Hidalgo, a Metrolink spokesman, said most of the upgrades were made.
But if you would like to complain about the subway crossing, please call the toll number of the systemfree number, (800)371-
Link and report the problem to the operator.
If you call Metrolink, they will tell you whether this intersection is theirs or South Pacific.
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