route 22 to get bus shelters for shuttle riders

by:YEROO     2019-10-03
Bus shelters will be built along Union County Highway 22 for passengers of a shuttle bus set up last year to protect those who cross the road to shops and work
Freeholders authorized county manager George Devanney to approve an agreement authorizing NJ to install 11 bus shelters along Route 2.
Five miles long in the state
Have a highway through the county.
Dan Stessel, spokesman for Transport, New Jersey, said the state agency would pay for the shelter and for the installation, totaling about $5,000.
\"Once the shelters have been installed, the county agrees to take over and take care of them,\" Stessel said . \".
NJ Transit is expected to deliver shelters next spring, he said.
\"From our point of view, the sanctuary will serve riders of four different lines, they are the first65, No. 114, No. 117 and No.
Said Stessel.
But according to county officials, these shelters will also protect passengers on the county\'s safe shuttle bus.
The service was created last year by a $280,000 grant from the Ministry of Transport\'s Safe Route transport program, which initially provided two shuttle buses, pick up passengers at 15 locations on a highway, pedestrian bridge or pedestrian bridge without traffic lights.
People often cross the traffic lane and cross the concrete center to the other side of the highway.
The service expanded from 5 days to 7 days in last November, with a steady increase in passenger capacity.
As of June, the number of passengers had exceeded 6,000, according to county officials.
They say the shuttle bus provides an average of 200 rides a day.
Freeholder Bette Jane Kowalski said in a press release: \"With the success of the highway 22 shuttle, it is important to ensure that passengers have a place to wait for a protected bus.
\"Adding these shelters will encourage more people to use this safe mode of transportation on this busy road,\" she said . \".
These shelters will be built on East Route 22, south of Springfield Avenue in central China.
Springfield town block; Route.
No. 22, East Row, Lawrence Road, far side, Springfield Town;
East route Routee 22, Fadam Road, far side of Springfield Town;
Highway 22, East, in the middle of Fadam Road
Springfield town block.
It\'s also on Highway 22, East, in the middle of Jefferson Avenue.
Union Township block;
Highway 22 East Springfield Road, south, middle
Union Township block; Route.
No. 22, eastbound, Fairway, central
Union Township block;
Highway 22, westbound, Hudson Street, near Union Township;
Monroe Street North. 22, mid-
Union Township block;
West Route 22, located on Brown Avenue, far side of Springfield Town;
West Route 22, half-Mountainside Avenue
Springfield town block.
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