safe sex ads to return to bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-09-07
A secure sex ad featuring a hug for gay couples will return to Brisbane bus station after the company withdraws.
Adshel submitted to a campaign by the Australian Christian lobby this week (ACL)
A remake of advertising against propaganda security.
The couple in the photo were dressed in full suit, holding an unopened condom.
The health community\'s website address and hotline are also featured and the state government has been funding sexual health promotion since 1988.
ACL claims that the ad describes a couple in the foreplay and is not suitable for public viewing.
Within a week of advertising, Adshel, billboard company Goa and the Advertising Standards Bureau received about 30 complaints.
On Wednesday, the health community organized a protest against the removal of advertisements outside the office in Adshel Brisbane, with about 30 people waving posters.
More than 30,000 Facebook users participated in online protests.
Adshel CEO Steve McCarthy said in a statement late Wednesday that the company was not aware that the complaint originated from ACL activity.
\"It\'s clear now that Adshel has become a common goal.
\"Coordinate the ACL movement,\" he said . \".
\"It made us review the decision to cancel the campaign, so we will resume the campaign immediately.
\"Paul Martin, executive director of the health community, said polls often show high support for gay rights, and strong opposition is more evidence when advertising is withdrawn.
\"We have been drawing attention to these evidence, but some have given undue attention to a small number of voices in the community, just like those associated with ACL,\" Mr Martin said . \".
\"Most people have no problem with homosexuality.
\"The ACL campaign was led by Wendy Francis, director of Queensland at the group, who said she opposed the sex of advertising, not the fact that the couple in the photo were gay.
Adshel\'s reversal disappointed her.
\"I think this is another loss for our children, and I really am,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s a matter of human power, and there are far more people complaining about it falling than they are rising.
\"Last year, MS Francis was forced to publicly apologize after he legalized same-sex marriage and child abuse on Twitter.
Later, as the first candidate in the Senate, she claimed that the tweet was sent by her office, but not by her.
Queensland politics attacked the motives of the ACL on Wednesday.
Andrew Fraser, Treasury Secretary, said the MS\'s defense of her campaign was \"rotten \".
\"Check the calendar, it\'s 2011,\" he said . \"
\"I think what we should call it, this is the basic homophobia.
The Liberal Party (LNP)
Leader Campbell Newman said he did not see the advertisement.
\"I am very open to these things and I urge others to be tolerant and open,\" he said . \". -
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