scent makers sweeten the smell of commerce

by:YEROO     2019-09-10
MIAMI (Reuters)-
Even if the oven is empty, the aroma of baked bread floats through the supermarket.
A few months later in the summer, the breeze of coconut oil floated through the swimsuit aisle of the department store.
Welcome to the world of fragrance marketing.
Retailers are increasingly using environmental scents to induce shoppers to stay longer, spend more, and even be more friendly to other shoppers.
In addition to creating a pleasant environment, the emerging perfume marketing industry also uses perfume to mine memories and emotions to strengthen the brand image.
Retailers are worried about discussing the matter so as not to be accused of manipulation.
But perfume manufacturers, researchers and advertising agents attending the ScentWorld convention in Miami Beach in December are happy to explain their art.
\"Control is one of the most important parts,\" says Neil Harris, founder of Scentevents . \".
\"Too much.
\"His Company in Los Angeles offers the scent of marshmallow, which in the pop singer Katie Perry\'s recent candy show has made the stage all over the world even sweeter --
The theme is the California Dream Tour.
At the Halloween party in Hollywood, he posted the popcorn scent for guests to eat snacks, something the theme park rumors have to do.
\"You want to eat popcorn when you smell it.
\"But they won\'t explode popcorn there,\" Harris said . \".
His company uses perfume.
The injected ceramic beads and diffuser can be scented in the room.
For larger spaces, the smell enters the air conditioning or ventilation system.
It\'s a dry system so it won\'t stay long.
\"You probably don\'t want to smell coffee at midnight,\" Harris said . \".
Smell Marketing is expanding, Jennifer Dublino said, because the technology has become more complex and affordable, enabling a small retailer to smell the environment at less than $100 a month, 5-chief operating officeryear-
School of old fragrance marketing
\"A few years ago, when the car first came out, it was a little clunky,\" she said . \".
Companies in the industry are privately held and do not report revenue, but Dublino estimates that their global revenue is between $80 million and $100 million.
This includes environmental SC and the use of odors in ink, plastics, rubber and textiles, but does not include traditional odor uses such as consumer goods, food, cosmetics and personal perfumes. Simon Faure-
The chief executive of equality strategy consulting, field, is nicknamed the \"scent man\" as he strives to incorporate the scent into brand building.
At a New Bailun shoe store in Beijing, he introduced 105 Chinese customersyear-old U. S.
Build the brand by creating an \"overall sensory experience\" designed to convey tradition and craftsmanship.
He decorated the wood with a nostalgic smell of wood and leather
The store is full of retro advertisements and has compiled the soundtrack of bebop music in the 1950 s.
Shoppers spend twice as much money as stores of the same size elsewhere, he says, partly because of the atmosphere that makes them linger.
\"The longer the customer stays in the store ,(they)spend,” Faure-Field said.
The success stories of other companies have inspired other companies to join the trend, Dublino said.
The casino is an early adapter that tries to smell while trying and driving away the cigarette and cigar smoke of gamers.
The theme park uses artificial scents to create the illusion of visitors in ancient castles or pristine forests.
Premium stores use the scent of baby powder to bring fragrance to their baby products department.
Cruise lines and hotels use the signature scent in their rooms and brochures sent to guests after returning home, hoping that the scent will evoke memories of a pleasant holiday and stimulate repeat bookings.
Even the non-profit goodwill industry has joined the bill in a customized way.
Orange and honeysuckle aromas produced by Prolitec Inc. for shopping at thrift stores in Wisconsin and Illinois.
A spokesman for the meeting said the study confirmed the strong impact of odor on behavior.
Jean-said shoppers in the mall are more likely to help strangers in an area full of surprise smells than when there is no taste in the same area
Charles cherbart, professor of marketing at Montreal higher business school.
The almond body is the emotional center of the brain, and its fragrance stimulates the brain.
Rachel Hertz, a professor at Brown University and an expert in olfactory psychology, said that once the smell is associated with the emotional experience, it will trigger this emotion later, which in turn affects behavior.
But there is no subconscious smell perception, so there is no way to use invisible smell to make someone buy something.
Because it is not difficult for human beings, people will react differently.
Like or dislike a particular scent, says Herz.
She cited the research conducted in the medium term.
1960 and 1978, Americans or Britons were asked to rate the smell of holly trees from a range of common scents.
Winter green trees are only used for chewing gum and candy in the United States, and the test subjects found it very enjoyable.
In Britain, it is not used for candy, but is widely used in painkillers that are popular during World War II, and the test subjects hate it and relate it to wartime.
Just recently, the United StatesS.
The military tried to develop a generic stinking bomb to disperse unruly crowds, but could not find a scent that everyone hated, even one known as the \"army\"issue latrine.
\"This smell is everywhere in places where there is no modern pipeline, people who grow up in the open air --
The toilet in the pit was not found.
\"The degree to which the smell is bad depends on its comfort,\" Herz said . \".
She gave an example of a woman who hated the smell of roses because she first smelled them at her mother\'s funeral.
\"Once it is connected to the smell, it can live with you,\" Herz said . \" She wrote in the book, \"the smell of desire, in the near futureto-
\"It\'s disgusting.
\"Retailers and advertisers are trying to use this scent association to help build emotional intimacy with their brands and\" Kiss faster, \"Simon haropp said \", chief executive of Oxford, UK-based brand awareness agency.
These efforts sometimes have a strong reaction.
The London Metro has painted a wrapped scent on the platform of some subway stations, described as rose-colored Jasmine with a hint of herbs, during a test in 2001 designed to make the subway more comfortable.
When some commuters complain that it makes them sick, it stops very quickly.
Attempts to promote milk consumption through chocolatechip-
The cookie-scented strips in the bus shelters are also short-lived in San Francisco.
Transportation officials, fearing that they might cause an allergic reaction, ordered them to be removed.
Scentmakers noted that many naturally occurring substances can be irritating and can be demonstrated by any weed patient.
They believe that very few people (usually about 2%) are allergic to artificial fragrances, and that the industry has been trying to stop the use of ingredients that will stimulate the skin or airway.
Complaints, they say, are more based on a simple aversion to perfume or excessive use of perfume in small spaces.
\"One\'s happiness is another\'s contamination,\" said Ladd Smith, director of the Institute of perfume materials, which analyzes perfumes to determine their safety.
\"Involuntary exposure drives us crazy.
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