schedules rarely posted at mta bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-09-20
Whenever bus rider Randy Smith sees Tom Cruise or another giant smooth face of a silly kid with orange slices in that eye, he gets annoyed.
Not 46-year-
The old doorman is resentful of the latest glamour figures on the screen.
He said that when the bus stop lacks information that is useful to bus passengers, he just can\'t stand all of these commercial posters.
\"It would be nice if there was a big map to let us know where we were going instead of this big movie ad,\" the Santa Monica resident said . \".
He dazed in a bus waiting booth in Hollywood, announcing the release of the new Robert Altman, while on the other side was a cruise image of \"Vanilla Sky.
\"Is there a bus coming soon? \" he said.
\"Is there no other bus in an hour?
The bus information should be here.
\"The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the largest bus operator in Los Angeles County, has about 18,500 bus stops.
About 500 or 2 of them.
According to the agency, 7%, posting schedules and routes.
By contrast, more than 1,100 of San Francisco\'s 5,000 bus stops (22%) show schedules and routes.
There are at least 85 around New York City.
A city traffic spokesman said that 7% of the 14,000 bus stations in five Boros are fully equipped, and the rest will be released by June.
In Los Angeles County, the MTA is adding more information to the bus stop display.
Because the agency does not own shelters or benches that are controlled by the government anywhere, it installs \"cubes \"---
Rectangular metal and plastic boxes with information on both sides-
On the pole of the bus station
Warren Morse, the agency\'s deputy executive officer in charge of marketing and customer relations, said the MTA would add 150 cubes a year.
At this rate, the equipment of the whole county may need 120.
But the MTA has no such desire.
The agency will install more than 400 information cubes on heavily used routes and transfer stations.
Spokesman Rick Jager said there is currently no plan to equip the remaining 17,600 sites because the installation and maintenance of the display is manual --
Dense and expensive.
Rider advocates have other theories.
Manuel Criollo, the organizer of the bus passenger union, said that letting everyone see the schedule \"would make them take some responsibility for when the bus arrived \".
The bus is often late.
One way they try to hide is not to post any information.
\"According to a study by the National Research Council Transportation Research Committee 1996, displaying useful information for customers at bus stations can promote passengers, reduce stress on drivers and reduce complaints from customers. Two-
According to 30 transit managers surveyed,
Street information is an effective and necessary part of the traffic system.
But many people are also worried about costs.
\"If you take it out, you have to keep it and make sure it\'s always accurate,\" said Paul laluce, director of the National Institute of Transport at Rutgers University . \".
MTA information cubes cost at least $120.
The agency does not have a figure for the cost of repairs.
In contrast, the dashboard system running in the city of Los Angeles shows the route and schedule information for the stained fiberglass logo, each with a cost of about $7 and a labor cost of \"not much \", \"Phil Ake said he was a traffic planner for the city\'s transport department.
Of the 400 bus stops in DASH, about 1,600 have signs, and LADOT plans to equip all stations with signs by the end of the year.
Transportation experts say research has shown that people do not dare to take buses due to the lack of published information because they are afraid of getting lost, wasting time and dealing with unfamiliar things.
\"We found that these problems are the worst for occasional riders and newcomers in the area,\" said Brian Taylor, director of the UCLA Transportation Research Institute . \".
MTA staff said the agency tried to provide information to passengers in other ways.
Every bus should have a brochure of the route and schedule-
Although riders say they are often missing.
The folding map of the area\'s public transport system is distributed through Nix Check Cash outlets, including each bus line, Metro Line and Metro line. Would-
Be passengers can call the toll number of the MTA
Free help line, 1-800-
Commute, or access to www. mta.
Plan travel online.
\"The information at the bus stop is for security, not for travel plans,\" said MTA spokesman Mark Litman . \".
\"Make the ideal itinerary in advance.
This is why it is important to check in advance. . .
Check by phone, check by Internet.
\"At the Hollywood bus station, Smith looked confused when asked about the bus schedule for cyberspace.
He has no phone at home. \"Which transit-
Does the dependent have a computer?
Bart Reid, executive director of the Transit Alliance, said.
Sometimes, the information displayed will scratch the rider\'s head.
Daryl jidines, 39year-
Old Tujunga man, who works at the telephone survey company, is confused about why some bus lines show more information than others, even at the same station.
\"It seems to be random,\" said Gidi . \".
Elsewhere in Los Angeles, many subway express stations have digital displays touted as cutting.
Ability to flash real edge technologytime updates.
Recently, on the two subway express bus lines on Wilshire and Ventura Avenue, the $3,500 electronic sign seems to be in a deep freeze, always showing the words: \"Subway Express bus \", not the arrival time of the vehicle.
Rex Gephart, project manager at Metro fast, admitted that there was a problem with the digital signature system.
He said that the digital logo along the Wilshire line has not yet been opened, and currently only works on the Ventura line.
At tazana station, 20-year-
Old Vanessa Martinez is gushing on a frozen digital display that it hasn\'t been working for weeks.
Students and other passengers in Beiling can\'t wait to know when the next bus will come and sometimes run to the street to see if anyone is on the horizon.
\"I know you shouldn\'t do that,\" Martinez said . \" She added that she had seen the horizon --
Scopers was almost blocked by oncoming traffic.
\"But what else should you do?
Standing here is so frustrating.
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