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by:YEROO     2019-08-18
The sixth issue of Harry Potter contains the same global mantra of mystery and expectation, but this is not the work of the author J PotterK. Rowling.
Instead, the wizard who created magic is a global army of lawyers, PR people, marketers and publishers who work overtime to spark public interest in everything Potter has to offer.
Everything they did didn\'t reveal anything about the book, which is already a best seller.
The industry named it operational HP6-
Every one of it is a bit serious because it sounds.
Melbourne Central stores canceled all non-
To cope with the nine on Saturday, Porter\'s delivery this week has tripled.
Harry Potter was released at one o\'clock A. M. . Blood Prince.
Yesterday, management began to inform employees of their obligations.
\"The staff must not read a copy of the book, look at the jacket, sell the book, give it away, show it to anyone or tell anyone what it is about before opening it
Date and time of sale
Belinda Noble, general manager of the Melbourne Centre in Bodes, told eight employees earlier yesterday: \"I can\'t emphasize that . \".
\"Any violation of this embargo will result in legal action against individuals, against myself. . .
And the company.
\"14 people in Canada bought the book last Thursday, in violation of the world embargo that ended at 00.
One o\'clock A. M. British Summer Time on Saturday.
The rules surrounding the delivery, sale and distribution of Rowling\'s sixth book are strict and legally binding.
Australian retailers and publishers have signed an embargo agreement in March, and wholesalers, printers, freight companies and distributors are also subject to strict non-disclosure agreements.
For retailers, the books must be stored in a safe, locked location after arriving at the unmarked brown box this week.
Photos are not allowed.
Book, shrink-
Packed in color on the tray
The coded tape that distinguishes the children from the adult version, can only open the package at 8: 00.
At 30 on Saturday morning and 9 on the floor. 01am.
According to the agreement between publisher Allen & Unwin and the retailer, after the release time, only the first chapter of the book can be read to the children in the store.
Animated reading of the chapter is not allowed.
This week, the fax issued a warning to media organizations that \"this book and any part thereof is protected by property law, copyright law and secrecy law \". More than 7.
So far, 5 million Harry Potter copies have been sold in Australia and New Zealand.
Publisher Allen & Unwin spent about $500,000 on new book promotions in Australia and New Zealand, including movie ads and bus shelters posters.
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